It’s a beautiful day today. The sky is a hit of light blue. The sun shines bright. I love mornings like these. I like to sit in my kitchen by the large window. I pull the curtains back and it brings so much sunlight. I let the warmth of the sun hit my bones and take all my achy ness away. I have a hot cup of mint tea in my Halloween up in front of me.

I was suppose to work today but school was cancelled because of the fires here in Los Angeles. If you not from LA, well, we have fires every year around this time. It’s pretty bad. Homes and business are destroyed and the air is disgusting. The amount of smoke in the air is so unhealthy, which is essentially why there is no school today. So many teachers have to call out because they have been evacuated or the freeway is closed. Also, we can run the ac in the classroom because smoke will come in and kids are not permitted to go outside either.

I remember two years ago that the fire was so bad it look like it was raining ashes on the school yard. I got really sick that year. I had to go to the hospital because it was so hard to swallow my spit. I felt like my throat was swollen. We were at the Queen Mary Dark Harbor and my throat was hurting so bad. I was trying to just suck it up but it got so bad that I couldn’t even talk. We had to leave early because I started crying from the pain. I felt really bad. I ruined it for everyone. I ended up in the ER. I got a shot and some antibiotics.

I guess some people have snow days. We have fire days :/.


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