A story!

The show must go on no matter what.

Hollywood is a glorified disaster, especially for women.

Trish Lebowski walked onto the stage to answer questions about her upcoming film. The audience just saw a screening for it and they seemed to be responding well.

She wore a simple black dress with red lipstick and her dirty brown hair was up in a bun. She looked like an elegant ballerina. She was beautiful. Why do all the pretty white girls always make it? Why can’t the chubby but cute girls ever make it?

I couldn’t stand her. I’ve thought of killing her so many times but I couldn’t do it. I would miss hating her. I always had something to look forward too because hating Trish was a full-time job.

Anyways, this was a small indie film. I was Trish’s best friend. I’ve watched how hard she worked and how hard she worked the male producers too if you know what I mean.

She still hadn’t gotten anywhere even though she has tried.

I could feel her anger and sadness. She would often ponder out loud.

“What am I doing with my life, Jenny?!” “I should just move back home and call it a day.”

But, she couldn’t. She couldn’t let go of the bright lights and the magic that show biz brought to her life.

Until she went to a Halloween party on Halloween night. It was supposed to be a party with big producers and directors. Maybe this will be her chance to catch a big break.

Trish dresses up like a doll. She had her brown hair in pigtails tails with red ribbon. She was wearing a light blue baby doll dress. She had white stalkings on. The dress was fitted and sexy.

I wished she was something scary. Like a witch or a dead bride but she wanted to be noticed. She wanted that role.

The party was on one of the backlots of the studios.

The backlots already have a spooky vibe to it so on Halloween it’s extra spooky.

You feel the presence of stars and the stars that never made it either. It’s haunting.

She walked onto the lot with her black ankle boots clanking. I walked along next to her. I dressed up as a spooky witch.

The party was in full force. There were scary decorations and lots of activities. There was a couple of mazes and …

Let’s cut to the chase. The party was popping. There were so many people and I lost Trish. She was being swooned by some director. I went to get a candy apple and when I got back they were gone. I texted her and called her because I wanted to make sure she was safe. I didn’t know she was planning to sleep with anyone. I looked for her too but she was nowhere around.

Two hours later, I walked into a backlot house. I’ve been looking for Trish for two hours. The house was right at the center of the party. There were a lot of people in the house. I walked up the stairs and noticed that a lot of rooms were closed. I started to knock on each one and walk into the open one.

Hello? I said. Trish? Are you in here?

There she was staring out the window. She was perfectly still.

Trish! Where have you been? I was worried. I called you like 100 times.



I was about to walk up to her but she turned around and said to stop.

She had a bloody knife in her hand. And I just noticed that someone was lying on the floor. I could only see their feet. I noticed now that the room was a mess.

What happened?

“He wanted to leave me. He wanted to leave me and not give me my movie!” said Trish

“What are you talking about? Did you know this guy? I’m really confused right now.”

“We have been having an affair for months now. I never told you. He promised to put me in one of his films and he was going to leave his wife” She whispered.

“Why is he on the floor?”

“I killed him”


“It never going to happen Jenny. It’s over for me. I hate this town. I hate this career. I hate Hollywood. Do you know how many times I’ve been taken advantage of? I allowed it because I wanted to be someone. I wanted to be someone Jenny. Nothing is ever enough…”

I didn’t know what to say.

I should have said, “it’s not over and you can lead a defense that he was harassing you or some shit like that…”

But, I didn’t.

I was shocked.

She opened the window of the bedroom.

The party was right outside the house. You can hear the music and laughter. The view from the bedroom was great.

She jumped.

She took one last look at me and Trish jumped.

I just stood there.

I heard screams outside of the window.

Was this some Halloween joke? I looked down the window and there she was. She was dead. Her head had exploded.

The guy she said she killed …was still breathing. He recovered and made some weird stories up.

People were shocked but Trish became famous. She made a name for herself. She became someone.

To this day, when I visit the lot for work, I try to avoid that house. But, I’ve heard stories of it being haunted by Trish, the actress. There have been stories of screams and crying in the same bedroom but no one is there. The security guard has even seen movement in the camera multiple times.

I guess Trish can’t leave Hollywood. She just loves it that much. She haunts the backlot and makes sure no one forgets her.


P.S. Hope you have a great Halloween and you enjoyed the story!

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