I have big boobs.

I don’t think they are huge but my bra size is 32/34 DDD. So I have a big cup size while the band size is small.

I’ve had trouble finding bras all my life.

Big breast run in my family. Mom, sister, aunt and so on have big breast.

Some women enjoy their breast being pushed up and perky while others prefer comfort.

I prefer comfort and support. I hate when my bra straps dig into my shoulders. It’s the worst feeling. I even have slight dents now because of that. I started purchasing my bras from Soma last year. They are a little expensive but I need the more expensive bras. Because bralettes do not work for me. Victoria secrets bras don’t fit me either. I’m not a heavy set girl but I just have a big chest.

But it’s that time again where I need some new bras.

I need a sports bra because every time I run my boobs are everywhere. I need some every day bras that provide support yet comfort.

And I don’t really want to go to Soma because one bra is over $50.

And it really is the worst time of the year to look for a bra because it’s the holiday season and stores will be crazy.

Sometimes I wish I had small boobs. Clothes look so cute when you have a small chest. And it’s just so much easier. I would love to just not wear a bra if I have a small chest.

But, thank God for my breast!

But thank you God for my voluptuous boobs. May they always be healthy. 


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