Today, was a great day. Since I always acknowledge the bad ones, I think I must acknowledge the good ones as well.

My best friend celebrated her twenty seventh birthday today. She was literally crying because fuck…were twenty seven.

Other, than that part..we went to a pottery studio for the first time. She is obsessed with plants and wanted to make a vase. Pottery is difficult…and I am not good at things when I do it the first time. By the tenth time, I get better lol. It was still alot of fun trying something different and new and messy. Because I love being messy…you should want me paint. lol I just had this urge to paint a beautiful sunflower. Btw my voice in my head currently has an accent …because I was watching ” The end of the f***ing world and they have accents. The chicks accent is stuck in my head.

Anyways, we had some crepes and explored the area a bit as well.

Later on, $14.00 mac and cheese balls were purchased by a very price conscious human. (inside joke)


Thank you God for just a beautiful day.

Happy birthday again to my bff.


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