Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls was a show that I grew up with. I never realized how much it influenced me until I rewatched the entire show.

If you are not familiar with the show, it is about a mother and daughter living in a small town called Stars Hollow.

Rory, the daughter, was a smart young lady who was fascinated with books and ended up going to Yale University,

Lorelia, the mom, was a teen mom from a prestigious family. She ran away from home when she had Rory and moved to Stars Hollow where she worked at an INN.

The show starts when Rory is sixteen years old and goes from there.

Anyways, the show came back two years ago after ending a couple of years back abruptly. Amy Sherman Palladino, the creator, brought it back for four episode…for the fans. Just writing that warms my heart. When I found out that she was going to do this, I decided to rewatch the entire series, even the parts I did not enjoy, to get ready for the premiere. This was two years ago. On Thanksgiving, at midnight, I sat and watched the four episode special which took place around the seasons of Stars Hollow, “Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.” I just wanted to know what happened. Who did Rory end up with? I was TEAM JESS. What happened with Lorelia and Luke? Where is Emily and Richard at now? etc..

Anyways, I didn’t love it but I liked it. I felt like a lot of questions were still unanswered but I rewatched it this past week. I finished the Rugrats and I wanted to watch something that made me feel. Something that made me feel but didn’t destroy my heart.

Gilmore Girls has always been a comfort show, so I sat and I started watching the newer four episodes because I felt like I rushed through it the first time around.

I’m sure glad I did. The last episode called “Fall,” just warmed my heart. It like said everything with out saying it about life. The Circle of Life to be specific. I cried many times throughout the episode…like ugly cry.I paused so I can get the cry in and not miss anything.

Gilmore Girls always reminds me of my sister and I. No, my sister and I are far from mother and daughter. But, we use to watch Gilmore Girls together in our tiny ass bedroom that barely fit two beds. I feel like my sister is a lot like Lorelia. Lorelia is fun, independent, protective and motherly. She also has a horrible relationship with her mother. So that pretty much defines my sister. Rory and I are kind of similar…we love books and writing and we get along with everyone. We are sweet and no expects us to make mistakes and when we do they look at you with such disappointment but the truth is we’re a lot harder on ourselves.

Rory is going through this 30 something crisis. Her career as a journalist isn’t going anywhere. She bagged a couple of great articles and she has had small success but it isn’t going anywhere. She keeps trying to convince people to give her a chance but nothing. Man, that feeling is familiar. So she moves back in with her mom and starts running her towns newspaper which no one wants to do. But, she does it because she grew up reading the Stars Hollow paper and she has nothing else to do.

Rory ends up being inspired to write a book called “Gilmore Girls,” which is basically the story about her life.

Two years ago, I decided to go back to grad school because I had this angst to write a nonfiction about my parents journey from Afghanistan to America. I dob’t know what I was thinking. I remember feeling like I didn’t know where to go next. I got offered another film job at the same company I was at on a different show but I didn’t want it. I wanted to be in school. And I wanted to write this book. When the new Gilmore Girls had come out, I was already in school and it felt like confirmation..a sign that I was doing the right thing because I didn’t know if grad school was the right thing.

Well, I finished grad school back in May. The two years were pretty good. I love school. I never wrote the book but I did write a chapter to my graphic novel, which originally was a novel but I didn’t feel like I could write so it changed to a graphic novel. But, I really wanted to write that novel. I don’t regret my time in grad school. I feel like I learned more in those two years than my entire four years of college.

It crazy because while I was watching Gilmore Girls today, I remembered how I felt when I first started watching it. I felt inspired and on track and I could relate to Rory in so many ways. Full circle. I am finished with school and I still haven’t started the novel. I’ve been wanting to write this novel since I was in middle school. But, I can’t…I don’t know how…I don’t know how to write or structure. Its easy when I am myself and I can sit here and rambles but it is hard when its in story form….BRAIN BLAST…what if I write it the way I blog? ….

You know Jess told Rory…write something you’re passionate about. Rory says..what’s passion? I don’t even know what that is….

…Geez…that also hit home. Passion does’t live in me anymore. I have flare ups but it leaves quickly. It doesn’t last at all. But, you know…Ive accepted it and I’m happy. I just wish I had somewhere to go that I love so I can wear cute outfits too. But, I don’t know..I don’t recognizes the passionate person I once was. I sometimes question…was that ever me?

I guess something will eventually spark.. and hopefully it stays. My fear is that I will be 80…and no spark ever stayed….and I remained passionless forever.

Lorelia and Rory make me want to have a daughter and they make me want to move to a beautiful town like Stars Hollow.

Why am I so easily influenced by shows? I swear… its like…come on..\

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