I’ve gotten into the habit of going on these walks every day. I really love going on early morning walks and they’re not very long. Usually it’s about 30 minutes. Sometimes my mom drags me to the park and that takes about an hour to walk. But I don’t usually like going to the park. I rather walk around my neighborhood. I love looking at the houses and picturing my own home someday, God willing. I am on a walk right now. The Sky is dark and gray. We are expecting rain in LA tonight. It’s the first rainfall of the season. I feel happy when I’m on my walks. I usually go by myself and I don’t mind it at all.

I started on these walks because when I was working at the studio for a week I would move 12 hours a day constantly. I was just so busy and they were always sending me on runs. And I noticed that I was in such good shape after just a week. I think that’s what my problem is. I need to move more.

I lost weight after that week and I wasn’t even eating that healthy but I was definitely eating less because I was so busy. That’s a good thing about being busy you don’t have time to think about food.

So once I finished that gig. I decided to try to move more in general. When I’m serving, I am constantly moving but I don’t think that’s enough.

Anyways, I try to walk now every day for even 10 minutes even if I’m busy. I don’t do it every day because sometimes I just have too much going on. And now I’m hearing that human trafficking is becoming more prominent in Los Angeles so I’m kind of scared of going by myself.

I met this lady, who was 98 years old. She was such a beautiful woman. Snow white hair and a kind smile. I was drawn to her and I’m not sure why. But I asked her what is your secret? She said that she walks every single day. When she was younger she walked for two hours a day but now she’s only able to walk about an hour. She also said that she lives alone and that’s a big help. Lol

As I’m walking today I’m noticing how beautiful the trees are. I usually notice the trees and when my mom is with me I’m always telling her to look at all the details the trees have and how different each one is. They all even smell different.

I love my walks.

Sometimes I use my walks to write or to talk to God or to just take a moment and see the beauty of the world 🌎.

So if you get some time, go for a walk. 😌


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