Originally, this blog was suppose to be a collection of thoughts and memories. Well, lately, all I have been seeing is complaints and nagging. Someone needs to fire the writer…(tugs on collar).

Here’s a memory for you.

My best friend and I spent a lovely day at the spa. It wasn’t the spa we usually go to but it was still really nice. We spent most of our time in the women’s nude spa. We literally spent the entire day talking and relaxing. It exactly what I needed. I don’t know how we spent six hours there but we did.

For dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory. We went to the one in Sherman Oaks, Ca. The Cheesecake Factory is located in a plaza called the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Now, I live about ten mins from this plaza. So when I was a kid, we use to always go to the galleria.

Maera and I sat outside on the patio under a heater. It was a cold rainy night but the heater was pretty toasty. We ordered some plates and talked the night away. Its crazy how I can spend the entire day with Maera and I was still not tired of Maera. (Knock on wood).

Lets back track a little…Maera and I drove separate cars. So I parked at the galleria and I walked up the stairs and every time I walk up those steps.. I think of Diana… an old friend/ my brother’s ex girlfriend..who fell down the stairs on her birthday because her heels were to high. She was fine but it was hilarious.

Then I walked down to the restaurant. I passed by a starbucks and a giant Christmas tree. I remembered a picture with Diana, Neda, Geeti and I in front of the tree. I recall my outfit and feeling huge. I smiled. I kept walking past the P.F Changs, which is on the left. I passed the Ben Jerrys on my right. Then came the new Mexican restaurant, Frida’s, that took the place of El Torito Grill. I stood there for a second and look at the patio… I have had a couple of wonderful moments on that patio.

I kept walking but I kept looking. The chairs that I use to sit on were no longer there. They were lounge chairs….you know like couches?…

My first memory at this restaurant was with my brother Yama. He loved Mexican food and he loved El Torito Grill. It was one of his favorite places. He would order their chicken quesadillas to go all the time.

One night we went to dinner, Yama, Hazel (ex girlfriend), Geeti and I. We sat on the patio for hours just talking and laughing.


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