It’s like the universe or God is trying to speak to me.

Fear. Yesterday, a business friend told me to stop being scared of failure.

Today, during the announcement at school, the topic was fear. How fear stops us from success.

I don’t know. Maybe I am crazy.

Yesterday, I had a movie idea for a short.

It will be called A Conversation with Allah.

The film would be about a westernized Muslim having a conversation with God. It would all take place in her car.

So the first scene would be the main character sitting in the car crying like hysterically.

We will run through different emotions throughout the day while getting a glimpse of the streets of LA.

What do you think ?

Also, I thought about posting videos on my blog like once a week. Like a weekly topic and maybe talk about it. What do you think?

I have been trying to stay in a middle mindset since Sunday. I am not ready to speak to God. I am not ready to think about a lot of things but I am taking it day by day. Trying to find things that make me happy.

an encouraging friend sent me this

It’s weird because I feel like I have all the answers in my hands but I can’t explain it. For a split second everything makes sense but only a second then it’s fuzzy again.

Have a beautiful day everyone.


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