I have been reading a lot about the soul. What happens to the soul after we die in regards to my beliefs. My brother has been sending me all types of videos about it and it’s interesting. I think he is trying to find some type of peace since Kobe died.

Yesterday, while I was at work …I had this emotion pour over me. My body and I only have a brief time together. It’s honestly one of the first times I actually thought about this in this way. That my body and I will one day be apart until judgement day.

You know everyone always says you have to love yourself and try having gratitude everyday. I know folks that give themselves reminders everyday to love themselves. A little alarm in their phone that reminds them or a note. But, that’s doesn’t work for me. A note written by myself won’t matter. It doesn’t matter if I tell myself “your beautiful” …it doesn’t mean anything to me honestly. Unless that’s how I truly feel. So for me, it’s about actually believing that I am beautiful. Usually when I loose a couple of pounds, I feel beautiful or putting on my favorite shade of Burts and Bees lip balm. Taking selfies also makes me feel pretty lol or a nice outfit.

I guess for me it’s like working towards something instead of just telling myself that I am smart or pretty. Etc.

So once I realized that I not going to be in this physical form forever …I hugged myself. I thought about all the things that I love about my body. Loving my body just the way it is right now too. The older I get, the more my body will change though. So I have to appreciate it at every stage of my life.

I though about my bones and what my Skelton looks like. When I work out …the next name my body is constantly cracking. And I can hear my bones …I never really thought about my bones. I haven’t ever visually thought about it. Sometimes when I sit cross cross on the floor …it’s so hard to get up because my legs cramp up. So now I’m picturing my bones being stiff and tight.

I love you body. One day we will be apart. Thank you for letting me live in you. Thank you God for my beauty…for my hair …for letting me shelter in this form until our time is up. Our soul belongs to you and I wonder what my soul looks like physically. Lol. I picture a colorful light.

I wonder if I will remember what I look like when I am in the next world.

Thank you body for everything that you do. I will try my beat to take care of you.

P.S. Happy Friday!


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