I had a weird day yesterday. I was under weather and my blood pressure was low. I slept till 9:30am and then went back to sleep at 1pm. I woke up around 4pm and then went back to bed around 9pm. This is a lot of sleep for me but I just felt so tired and weak. It was nice to sleep though …not going to try. It was relaxing. I did have a little bit of anxiety and over thinking throughout the day but I tried to distract myself because it’s pointless.

I woke up a lot of times last night. Once around 1am, 3:35am, 5am and finally around 5:15am when my alarm went off for the gym.

When I woke up around 3:35am, it wasn’t because I had to pee …it was from a nightmare.

The dream:

I was in my home and it was pitch black. The only light was from the moon. There was something going on in the house that involved my siblings but I can’t remember.

I do remember that I walked out my front doors and I see my mom in the driveway. The moon light was hitting her. I noticed that she was floating and she had a hose over head. She was pouring water in herself. I asked her “why are you floating mom” and she said “we are the ones that follow Jesus” but of course she said this in Farsi. I was confused …when suddenly I heard a noise from the roof. My mom climbed the room since she was already floating and I followed her. I asked her what is she talking about and she said the “the people of Babylon have always been people of magic …that is who we are. “ Then a knight shows up and going into the house. I run after him and I try hitting him with a stick. When I realized that knight has done magic on me …I hit my father instead of the knight and there is blood everywhere. I scream for my father.

I woke up with a horrible feeling. My first question was…Babylon ? I did a google search and I learned that Babylon was a Christian country that was obsessed with magic …like dark magic I guess.

I would say that this was just my subconscious but I didn’t know anything about Babylon which is now Iraq…I believe.

The dream had a horrible energy and when I woke ….I felt a horrible energy around me. I prayed to Allah and I said my prayers.

I think my mom was possessed by a Christian Babylon in the dream and I don’t know what she was trying to say. Is someone doing black magic on my family?

When I told my mom and my brother about the dream ..they both gasped. They stated that just last week they had spoken about black magic and how they feel like someone might be casting something on our home.

As Muslims, black magic is a ticket straight to hell. We believe that it exists but we shall never touch it. There’s a whole story on how the book of magic came down as a test and humans failed.

May Allah protect us.

Allah Akbar.


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