There was a curvy road up Topanga Canyon Blvd.

The driver lied to the passenger saying they were going to go watch a Dragon Ball Z movie. The passenger hated Dragon Ball Z. But, the driver was lying.

The driver was nervous so the passenger took over.

Shrine Lake was the destination.

The ex driver who is now the new passenger and the ex passenger was now the driver walked around the lake.

are you keeping up?

Now the new driver and the new passenger walked around the lake. The passenger got down on one knee as a joke…and the people around them gasped….suddenly..the passenger was like oh shit…why are people staring.

The driver and the passenger laughed.

They went to this restaurant on the beach… what was the name…

it was on the beach

and their were these seagulls..

The driver got a sandwich with fries.

The driver didn’t finish the fries…so when they walked along the beach…the driver tried to feed a seagull some fries.

That was a bad idea

All of a sudden all of these seagulls attacked the frightful driver for the french fries.

You can finish the ending yourself.

Did they survive?


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