Adres, mom and Nazira followed the ambulance to the hospital. Adres called Geeti on his way to the hospital. He was a mess. Geeti heard Adres panicked voice and dropped her clothes that she was going to buy in the middle of TJ MAXX. Adres explained that he tried to save him…”I tried to save him Geeti, I tried to do CPR…but he wasn’t breathing.” Geeti said that Adres could barely talk.

She dropped everything and grabbed Mora, who was with her and drove to the ER. She got to the ER before Adres did. She ran red lights and stop signs. Her heart sank so low and she was shocked.

When she saw Nazira in the hospital, Geeti grabbed her and slammed her against the wall. Geeti said, “WHAT HAPPENED..WHAT DID YOU DO!” Nazira explained what happened to Geeti but Geeti was not having it. She yelled, “WHY DID YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE..!” Of course Geeti’s behavior was not appropriate but people deal with highly stressful situations and grief in different ways.

Geeti spoke to the doctor, who let her know that Yama was not able to breathe on his own. The machine is trying to help him but if he can’t breathe on his own then that is it for him. Doctor also mention that if he comes back, he would never be the same.

Geeti took this in but did not tell mom. She was processing what just happened herself. Mom looked at Geeti and said..”I need you to call your aunt and your uncles.” Geeti nodded and went outside to called everyone. She dread each call. She called Uncle Azzim, Uncle Karim, Aunt Fahima, and Yama’s siblings. Each person had their own shocking reaction. Adres left the hospital and went to the family business to release my dad. He just told our dad that “Yama has left us” but in Farsi…:Yama raft.”

Now the next day was the day Yama was taken off life support.

Geeti and Omar headed back to the hospital early in the morning.

Here is the siblings in my family from oldest to youngest.

Yama, Omar, Geeti, Hasib, Adres and then me (Frshta)

Omar was in-denial and kept saying that he is going to get better but he wasn’t. The rest of the family showed up and sat in the waiting room.

At some point in the morning, the nurse asked the closest of kin to come speak to the doctor. Geeti and Omar went to speak to him. The doctor explained that Yama was calling code blue over and over again…at least ten times. Which means that his body was rejecting the medication and the breathing tube. He was dying…over and over again. His organs were failing and he had multiple heart attacks.

My poor brother’s body was in so much pain. We should have never let him get on the tube. He was dead in his condo but what can you do? We are human and we always have a little hope in us even when it seems impossible.

The doctor let Yama’s siblings know that if they have to call code blue one more time then the hospital will take him off the breathing tube. He said that it is just not possible and it is not working. The doctor and nurse let Geeti know that they should prepare to for any prayers or whatever we do for our religion.

Geeti had to do the hardest thing she has ever had to do in her life. Omar continued to argue with the doctor because that’s Omar for you. But, she walked out of the ICU and went into the waiting room.

She sat in front of mom and dad. Grandma was sitting next to mom.

Geeti said in Farsi, “Mom…Dad…the doctor said that we are going to have to let him go…he is rejecting the treatment and his organs are failing…the doctor said that we should say our goodbyes..Zindagi saret basha” …

I don’t know how to translate Zindagi saret basha in English but it is basically offering your condolences.

My parents just stared at Geeti. They had no words..they were just in shock. My grandmother, a women that has gone through so many things in life…jumped into action…God bless her…she is such a strong women.

Grandma turned to her son-in-law…”Toryali, get up..hurry…stand over his body…hold his head…and say the prayers from the Quran…get up..”

There is a certain prayer your suppose to say when a person is passing away.

My dad jumped up on his Mother-n-laws command and started walking towards the ICU. Geeti grabbed mom and helped her walk to the ICU to say good bye to her first born. Geeti explained that mom’s body was heavy with grief and that mom was just in utter shock. Grandma refused to go in.

Dad, Mom, Geeti, Nazira, Aunt Fahima (my mom’s sister), Fereba (Uncle Azzim”s wife…Uncle Azzim is also my mom’s brother), and Mari..(my mom’s brother, Karim’s wife) all walked into the ICU together. Dad lead followed by Geeti and mom. Everyone else followed them. Dad was standing over Yama praying and so was Fereba.

Suddenly, code blue happened again…the monitor showed a straight line again..the nurse walked in..and said…”I am so sorry”…she pulled the tube out of his mouth and unplugged everything…he died a couple minutes later.

The nurse walked out of the room and closed the sound proof room doors. She pulled the curtains so there was privacy.

That’s when the room exploded. Everyone was crying hysterically. Nazira was being extra dramatic and was hitting herself.

Mom finally cried.

She just kept yelling at Yama.

She said, “I made you food like you asked me too..”..”You were coming over..and I had everything ready…” “But, left me… you left me my son..”….”how will I find you now…where do I go to find you…my son…”

She just kept going like that for a while.

~Frshta .

2 thoughts on “Yama: Chapter 7

  1. That was hard to get through. I mean emotionally hard. I don’t know your family but I felt hurt over this complete stranger.


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