Yama went to Nazira’s mom and asked her what the deal was. He was upset and he did not approach her in a kind matter. She fell to her feet and begged him to forgive them and to please not leave her daughter. Nazira begged him not to leave her. Nazira said she didn’t realize anything was abnormal which is hard to believe because she had multiple sisters. She never got her period either.

At the end of the day, intimacy is very important in a marriage.

Yama didn’t know what to do. He didn’t tell anyone ..not even his mom who he was very close too. Instead, he took Nazira to the doctor in Afghanistan. The doctor let him know that her gender is female but she was not born with all the female parts. She said that plastic surgery was an option. So….that’s what happened.

He came back to Los Angeles completely distraught and miserable. Most of his savings was gone on all the expenses since he got married. Weddings, condo, plane tickets and so on are expensive. He wasn’t use to not having money.

Mine you through all of this ….he was still going through alcoholism.

The family would catch him crying to himself a lot of days but no one knew what happened. But, he finally told my sister and my mom.

They were shocked. My mom said that what they did was not right and they should have been honest.

Now you must be wondering …why didn’t he just leave her …I mean they aren’t even in the same country. Well, if an Afghani women is left by her husband in Afghanistan…she will shame her whole family. She will probably never remarry and will be treated like a slave. Some families are not that bad but a lot of them are. Yama felt bad. He didn’t want to ruin her life even though she contributed to ruining his life. He had a good soul and he just couldn’t do it. When word got out within his immediate family … everyone told him to leave her but he didn’t. But, the drinking got worse.

He brought her from Afghanistan. He was her Prince Charming and saved Cinderella.

Nazira had seen a video of our family almost ten years before all of this happened. My dad would send home videos and she saw Yama. She said she prayed for someone to come take her to America and to save her. She got her wish.

She only lived with my brother for eight months before he died. She went back to Afghanistan about two years after his death. It was like a dream for her to come all the way to Los Angeles and and then go back to Kabul, Afghanistan.

There marriage was strange. I don’t know if my brother loved her or if she loved him. They would argue and make up. But, those eight months they were together …were some of the most painful for Yama. He spent some of it in the hospital going through detox. So we’re they ever really together? Was Yama really there mentally?

I don’t think he was.


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