So now back to the ghost story.

When Yama would see things during his time as an alcoholic….no one believed him. Everyone thought he was hallucinating because once your liver is damaged …hallucinations happen all the time.

Yama went to the hospital three times to get detoxed. He would hallucinate for weeks until he was able to function again. It’s pretty crazy. They had to tie him up because he would see things.

Anyways, when Nazira came to American ….her and Yama moved into their new condo. I have no idea if they were happy but it didn’t matter.

We had a party for them at home with the entire family. Maybe I will post a clip some day soon.

A couple of weeks later, Nazira told my mom that she has been having nightmares about a girl with blonde hair name Hazel. Hazel told her that Yama belongs to her. She also told my mom that the condo was strange. That cabinet doors would open and she would feel a presence. She would have dreams of a frightening women.

We were all shocked when we heard this story. We justified Yama’s stories by assuming that he was ill but Nazira…she was mentally sane.

My mom asked Yama ….why did you choose Nazira ….and Yama said that he can’t even remember what happened. He said it’s like blacked out in his head.

Nazira was always very respectable towards her in laws. She had traditional Afghani manners and her hospitality was top notch.

But, during Yama’s funeral ….she was not being so pleasant.

A lot of the ladies asked her why she never had children. That’s literally all Afghani women ask those that just got married. She lied and said that Yama was sick and couldn’t perform manly acts. She also said that he had cancer when they asked why he was sick. My mom caught her and let the people know that nothing like that was wrong with Yama but instead Nazira was barren. She could not have children. My mom never wanted to embarrass her but she would not stand for her to sit there and lie about her son that just died.

My family ended up selling Yama’s condo because we had to pay his debt back. We all kept having dreaming about him.

I had a dream that from the hip below he was sinking in black water but his upper body was not in the black water.

My mom had similar dreams. She believed that his debt was bothering him and that was had to free him. Debt is like unfinished business. It’s hard to explain but it is strongly believed in my heritage and religion that debt must be taken care of.

So …that’s what my mom did. She sold his condo even though it was left for me, which I found out years later. LOL it’s okay. I rather my brother Rest In Peace. She paid off all his debt with the money from the condo.

Nazira wanted to keep the condo but my mother said no. Mom said …you were barely his wife…you have no right.

One of the last things that belonged to Yama was the family business. It was originally his.

Yama had told my mom what to do with all his stuff many times… even days before he had passed ….he repeated it. One of the final things he said is to send Nazira back to her family.

My mom made sure to fulfill all his wishes and to release her son from his burden.

And as sweet as Nazira seemed … was she really that’s sweet or was she looking out for herself ?

Personally, I liked her but I could never forgive her for lying to my brother and taking advantage of her. I don’t want to say that she is responsible to some point for his death but sometimes I feel that. At other times, I feel bad for her. She lived a horrible life in Afghanistan. People would call her names and even call her a man once her story came out. I think in the end …it was what was meant to be.

And that pretty much finished the Nazira per of the story. Tomorrow I will share the month before his death and what he did during that month.

Thanks for being here. Stay safe.


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