Radios scare me. Do they scare you? There is something eerie about radios. Who is on the other side? It’s creepy. Think about it.

I have been listening to the Vincent Price radio station. I have been in a Halloween mood and Vince Price really helps set the spirit of hallows eve.

His stories are eerie and simple. I usually listen to the Vincent Price station while I drive. It’s the only I can actually focus and listen.

Another thought that comes to mind when I think of radio is the War of the Worlds broadcast back in 1938. Do you know what I am talking about because it’s okay if you don’t. I didn’t even know what it was until a couple of months ago. I didn’t even realize that the Halloween episode of Hey Arnold is based off of the War of the Worlds broadcast. You should listen to it on YouTube. I did. It started off slow but it was still spine-chilling. First, the voices in 1938 are so distinct. You can tell it’s old and that in itself is frightening. Then the history behind the terrifying broadcast adds another layer of mystery to Orsen Welles prank gone wrong. You must be wondering …well, what happened? Well, Orsen Welles broadcasted a terrifying radio show and the listeners thought it was really happening. They thought that aliens were taking over the world and that were going to die. Hideouts were created within minutes but panic started within seconds. I don’t want to kill the broadcast, instead I will leave the link on the blog for you to check out.


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