Kim, my ex-trainer inspired this week’s blog. She posted a passage about fantasies. Let me paraphrase it! “Whatever you fantasize about should be what you should be doing.” Gosh, I wish I knew who the author was. Kim also posted something about doing a job that serves people and not worry about the money. If you’re doing your calling then money will eventually come. Honestly, I am butchering this but I am going to explain. I just wanted to give credit where credit needed to be given.

Fantasies. What job do I fantasize about?

I use to fantasize a lot when I was younger but not much as an adult. I am too busy to fantasize. Instead, I spend most of my time in my mind worrying.

Still, I remember a few daydreams. I always imagined myself winning an Oscar and giving this amazing speech. In my fantasies, I was giving a speech that reached every person in the world. It was powerful and the film I directed was powerful. I always cried when I had this fantasy because I would have this burst of emotion. I would cry for winning, I’d cry for making my parents proud, I’d cry for accomplishing one of my biggest dreams, but I’d also cry because this dream will probably never happen.

I have had fantasies about opening a coffee shop while teaching college classes about films.

I have fantasized about directing theater shows and having a huge audience.

I have fantasies about creating cool mazes for horror nights.

I am always wearing fabulous outfits in my fantasies too. I am thin and my hair looks great. HA!

I kind of stopped fantasizing because it hurts. If you don’t accomplish your dreams then it just feels like life is unfulfilling. I have to live in the present. Also, I always try to think about the great things I have in my life. I want to appreciate what I have because it won’t always be here. I always long this quote “if something is meant for you then it will never be taken away.” That gives me peace. I will be guided to my purpose here on Earth. Sometimes we have so much good around us but we can’t see it until it’s gone.

It all goes back to last week’s post about BALANCE! Ha.

What kind of job do you fantasize about?

P.S. Happy Valentines Day, Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy President’s Day! Enjoy. =)



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