Life has felt nonstop lately.
Everything is happening so fast.
I want life to slow down.
I need life to slow down.
Where did the time go?
It’s Monday, and then I blink, and it’s Friday.
Then I blink again, and it’s Monday morning.
I feel as if I don’t even have time to process my weekend.
How do I make life slow down?
It scares me how fast it goes.
Every day I look in the mirror, and my face is changing.
I am aging.
There wrinkles on my forehead.
There are age marks on my hand.
My skin is sagging.
My beauty is gone.
I look at teenage girls, and I remember my teenage days.
I don’t feel jealous, more like I hope you are enjoying it.
They will age too.
Their beauty will fade, just like mine.
I am scared of my life passing by me.
It feels like it is already passing by.
Old pictures don’t bring me joy.
It brings me sadness.
My youth is gone, and so is yours.
My father & mother has more lines and graying hair.
My father & mother are going to be grandparents.
I am going to be an aunt.
All of this scares me.
I guess growing up scares me.
I don’t know how to explain it.
I want to ask others how they deal with this.
Most days, I feel as if nothing matters.
We will all perish soon enough.
So why try?
How do you motivate yourself?
What is the point?
Why are we working so hard?
Are we taking any of it with us?
Why are there days that I don’t feel anything?
I am just going through the motions.
Wake up. Eat. Work. Shower. Work. Sleep.
I look forward to a meal, and in ten minutes it’s gone.
I didn’t even enjoy it.
I don’t have all of these answers.
I know God does, and we might never understand why God does anything.
We all have these empty holes inside us.
We’re desperately trying to fill them in.
We spend our lives filling in the emptiness with life’s temporary satisfaction.
How do I slow down?
How do I cherish life’s precious moments?
How do I look at life differently?
I want to slow down the good moments so badly.
Weeks are passing like days, and days are passing like hours.
Do you feel like life is in a rush?
I want to tell life to slow down.
Let me enjoy you life.
You are so beautiful in every way, life.
Even in sorrow, there is beauty.
Have you ever felt like you want to hold a moment forever?
You know the sang, “Can I just hold you forever?”
Gosh, those words are so real and so painful.
Can we pick the best moments in life and relive them over and over again?
I hope someday we understand God’s goal.
We are thrown into the turmoil of this world.
We learn to walk in so many ways.
We fall in love in so many ways.
We feel sorrow in so many ways.
God, help us slow down and smell the beautiful roses you created.
I hope when it’s our time to go, we are ready and accepting.
I hope there is more and that questions will be answered.
I am scared.
Life is going by too fast.
Life is checking off the boxes for me.
Yet, I need it to slow down.
God, help me slow down.
I want time to slow down.
I want to have time to read all the books that I fancy.
I want to have enough time to spend with family and with my friends.
Time to travel to all the places I’ve dreamt about.
Time to make a soul-moving featured film.
To take the captivating film to every festival and watch it succeed.
Time to open my business.
Enough time to someday start a family full of love.
Sticky hands and furry paws and feathered wings.
If you’re healthy and alive.
You have time so try to live before we run out of time.
Still, even if you didn’t accomplish any of your dreams,
Will it matter?
I mean nothing matters right?
Slow down.
Try to put your faith in God.

P.S. Thank you for reading.

With love,

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