#176 Spring The Frshta Show

Here is the audio version of blog #176 Spring.

Spring is amongst us.
Can you believe it has been one year since the safer at home order? One year since our lives as we knew it changed. It feels like a long time ago, yet it doesn’t at the same time. What a scary time it was. A time that will go down in history books for future generations to read.

Spring break is coming up, and I can’t be more excited. I plan on excavating into my packed drawers and getting rid of unused clothing. Of course, I will spend a decent amount of time contemplating if getting rid of certain articles of clothing is the right choice or not.

When I was younger, I had this need to hold onto everything. I would hang onto old clothing, old stuffed bears, old homework assignments, and so much more. I even have feathers from my old pets that are no longer here. I would take pictures of everything as a way of holding onto the memory. I was the person in the family that would force everyone into a picture. No amount of protesting would work. I would argue, “Memories guys! Come on! It’s picture time!”

Sometimes I wonder, “who was that person? “

I remember when I stopped taking pictures. It was after a horrible end to a long friendship. I had so many pictures of my ex-best friend and me. It hurt to look at our photos. They were all over my corkboard and my albums. I took them all down, and I shoved my album in a dark corner somewhere in my closet. I still haven’t looked at those old photos. It has been years since our fall out, but it still hurts. Maybe someday I can look back at those photos and smile and feel good about it.

Currently, I have two photos in my room. I have barely taken photos in the last couple of years. At times I regret that but sometimes not so much.

Sometimes I wonder are things meant to be preserved? Are we meant to take photos of every little thing including our every meal? Are clothes meant to be held onto? What about collectibles or jewelry or anything at all?

I hope I haven’t lost you yet. Trust me, I have a point!

I walked into a vintage clothing store named Playclothes in Burbank, Ca. This place is famous for its unique clothing and its long list of A-lister clientele. The store is filled with dresses, coats, hats, shoes, and more. When you walk in it feels like a magical shop! I would love to spend the day dressing up in there. Even the ceiling is magical. It was once a pharmacy which adds to its charm. They still have the old signs up.

Playclothes in Burbank, CA

Still, as I walked through this store, I felt sad for all these vintage clothes. I know that sounds silly. I pondered about the people that once wore these 1940s dress or these 1960s coats. I ponder about the young lady that once wore beautiful pearls around her neck. The color on a lot of these vintage clothing was faded. I don’t like faded clothes for the most part, so I didn’t feel the need to purchase anything. I love hats, but a lot of these hats were faded and seemed very used. I don’t know what it was, but I felt strange looking through these clothes. I guess I felt like I had no right buying anything because these vintage clothes don’t belong to me. They belong to someone else.

Does any of this make sense?

Reusing clothes are great, but there was something different about these clothes. They were listed as vintage and were highly-priced. It’s great that others can enjoy them but vintage clothes have their own story.

For example, there was a $300 vintage fur coat. It was beautiful. I picture a tall, slender young woman with blonde hair wearing white pearls and the coat. She must have been so excited to wear this coat on a night out. Now it hangs in this store for people to look at or judge or try on wear. Yet, all these vintage clothes have a story to tell from decades ago or even a century ago.

Playclothes in Burbank, Ca

I guess what I am trying to say is that these pieces of clothing hold memories. There is undeniable energy when you are around these vintage clothing. Are they meant to be preserved or should they have perished along with their owners?

Back in Egyptian times, folks were buried with their belongings. It meant so much to them that they wanted to carry it with them to the afterlife.

So should I hold onto my stuff, or should I let it go? Let the old memories move on along with its artifact? Do your things still spark joy as Marie Kondo says? As I get older, the less I want to hold onto material things.

Will you be Spring cleaning?

P.S. Visit Playclothes if you have a chance! Check out all the cool stores in near this shop!



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