JUNE ! It is one of my favorite months for multiple reasons!

At the same time..WHOA…it’s June already. Where did January, February, March, April and May go?

In a blink of an eye, it will be October then December.

It’s scary how time flies and what our time is filled with can be scary too.

Monday, May 31, 2021 was especially special because I was luckily enough to watch my incubated chicken eggs hatch. I have never incubated eggs before, This was my first time ever. I was pretty against it because it just seemed weird that the chicks won’t have a mommy. My hens refused to sit on their eggs, which was the problem.

Still, I really wanted to have some chicks. I decided to try it out. I purchased an incubator for a hundred dollars on amazon. My sister n law and I read the instructions but it was a bit confusing. The temperature hades to be just right. We gave it a go! My mom and I put the eggs in the machine! Now we wait 21 days.

My mom has always been superstitious. When she was a young women in Afghanistan, she kept chickens. She didn’t have one or two…she had almost hundred. She had a huge backyard. She lived in a third world country so the eggs laid by the hens were very much appreciated.

Till this day, my mom is known as the chicken lady. My mom’s friends and family from all over the world recall her little chicken farm. They always say how her hands are lucky. Any time she put a batch of eggs they usually all hatch.

My mom shared a story with me about that time in her life. She had a neighbor friend who was very poor. The friend would try to have her hens sit on their eggs but it never worked. The eggs never hatched. She asked my mom for help. My mom went over and put half a dozen of eggs under a couple of hens. 21 days later, the lady showed up to my mom’s house with excitement. They all hatched! She thanked my mom. A while later, the chicken’s started having eggs, which the lady cooked for her family and sold them too. It helped her tremendously.

A week after we put the eggs in the machine, my mother went out of town. I went into the chicken coop to check on the hens and guess what? One of the hens was sitting on her egg! A week after I put eggs in the incubator! Are you serious? I put some more eggs under the hen and hoped my hands were as lucky as hers. I prayed that I inherited the chicken egg luck.

The first batch hatched Monday! The next batch is suppose to hatch on Saturday. Of course if they don’t hatch, it would be my fault. Ha! Fingers crossed!

I just wanted to say that my chickens are my pets. I do not slaughter them for food and honestly even if they don’t lays …I’m fine with them. I keep chickens as pets because they make me happy and they are extremely loving. Some people want dogs and some want chickens.

Happy Wednesday!

Happy June!



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