After a very long time, I hit the gym today.

After a very long time, I was comfortable enough without a mask.

After a very long time, Los Angeles has officially reopened.

There is a sense of hesitation amongst people.

Not everyone is comfortable taking off the masks yet.

Not everyone is comfortable eating at a restaurant again.

Some feel like this will backfire on us. That it is to soon to reopen.

Other feel like we have been closed for to long.

ME? I am not sure. I just want everyone to be safe.

Make smart choices. Protect others and yourself.

Even if you don’t want the vaccine, just wear a mask.

Summer break has officially started and I am neck deep into Summer projects.

It is excited and liberating to break free from the usual routine.

Yet, I am having trouble focusing.

I am trying to find a way to balance all of it.

My memory is jot. I keep forgetting things.


Happy Reopening!

Happy Summer!



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