The ocean is magical. Think about it. The ocean is 75% water and we have only discovered 80%.

I like to take my mom to the beach a couple times a month. I never liked the beach when I was younger but lately, I have been enjoying it.

At first, it was an act of kindness for my mom. She doesn’t drive and I try to get her out of the house when I can. We wake up early on Saturday mornings and drive to Santa Monica. I know it isn’t the nicest beach but it’s close to my home. To be honest, it’s so dead whenever I go because it’s early. We usually end up at the beach around 7ish in the morning. I know exactly where to park for free and it’s close to the ocean.

This past week the ocean was different. The tide was low, very low. I have been to the beach often enough to see the difference between high tide and low tide. I feel like I am using the wrong terminology but hey I am trying here!. The tide was so far that I was walking on the ocean floor where there is usually water. It was nice.

My therapist explained to me that this had to do with the moon. He also explained how the moon effect our bodies as well. A visual came into my head…my body is 60% water…so does my body ebb and flow like the ocean?

With this thought in mind, today was strange. I couldn’t figure out what to blog about. I didn’t feel focused. I felt unmotivated. I felt a million different things. At the same time I didn’t feel anything and this has been a problem. My therapist asked me “what makes you happy?” I just sat there trying to think of an answer. That made me sad. Why can’t I think of anything? I have become jaded and I don’t how to break out of it.

I worked at the restaurant tonight and everything was off. The customers were extra grouchy. This old man yelled at me because his beer was not cold enough, his ceaser salad had too much dressing and I forgot his lemon. LOL My coworkers and I were running around and it wasn’t even that busy. We stood still for a minute and looked at one another. Roger said to me, “Frshta, I feel like I am working so hard and it’s not even busy.” BAM! He took the words out of my mouth. The other server agreed too. The flow was off for all of us and our guests as well.

I wondered if the moon was causing this?

At the end of my shift, I walked to my car. I looked for the moon and there she was. The official full moon isn’t for two more days but she was full enough to stir some emotions as she looked down onto me with her beautiful brightness.




P.S. This made sense to me in so many ways. Cheers to you Mr. Williams.

One thought on “#193 ocean & moon

  1. i’ve heard too how the moon has an effect on us. maybe that is why so many people believe in astrology. your writing is so simple and reflective. thank you for sharing!


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