Bla Bla Land #1: A Hollywood Love Story

Good evening,

This will be the beginning of my Bla Bla Land series. Please stick around because I got some stuff to say.

I can’t remember what my aspirations were as a little girl, but if I could take a guess, I’d say veterinarian. I was an odd kid who adored her unusual pets. For most of my life, I remember having homing pigeons and chickens. There was a period during my late teenage years and early twenties when I did not own chickens. In my early twenties, I decided to adopt some chicks again because I needed to be reminded of who I was.

This Alvin. I had to give him a way because he was a rooster. My area doesn’t allow roosters. He was a meat bird and I didn’t even know. I found him a good home though.

When I reached middle school, I wanted to be a journalist. I was a preteen obsessed with abiding by the morals and values that were instilled in me. I remember sitting on the couch watching Indian soap operas with my mom on ZEE TV. When the show was over, my mom and I would talk about career choices. Her advice was to do something different. I did not need to go into medicine or law. I used to watch the news every night and my mom suggested I become a news anchor. I loved the idea, so I decided that is what I would do.

In middle school, specifically 7th grade, I started taking theater classes as an elective. Mr. Heywood was my drama teacher and he thought I was special. I loved to read plays and Shakespeare was fascinating to me. I did multiple school performances as a show host including the talent show. I loved introducing the acts and being a part of the show even if I wasn’t talented. Don’t get me wrong, I was also part of the cast for some spectacular school plays. I played Tatania in a Midsummer Dream and I played a little girl in Frankenstein. We had small performances too. Joining the theater was one of the best decisions I made. I wanted to take choir as my elective, but my friends wanted to take theater. I am so glad I decided to join my friends. I was the only one that kept going with theater.  

In high school, I continued my love for the performing arts. My high school was known for its performing arts. It had a fabulous theater program, and I did not have the experience I needed. I had never been to competitions before, and I had no idea if my parents would allow me to go. They were strict but I was determined to convince them. I looked up to the seniors in the theater department. They performed for the first-year students during the first-year tour of the school. They were so talented. They used four chairs to create an entire scene that kept you the whole time. I wanted to be them. The stage they performed on was huge and nothing like the dinky stage in middle school. It had multiple curtains, a catwalk, a dressing room, a props room, a dance room, a tool room and so much more. It was magical. I still remember the feeling even though it’s been so long. It gave me butterflies and I yearned to stand center stage and be blinded by the spotlights as the house lights dimmed. Still, I was no triple threat, which means I couldn’t sing, dance, or act.  

I was the top actor in my middle school but in high school, I met classmates who went to performing arts middle schools. I was so out of my league. I knew I wasn’t talented like they were, but I still wanted to be there because it was fun. It helped me escape. Being a teenager isn’t easy and theater helped me cope with so much. My parents didn’t love my love for theater. In middle school, they never came to my parent night performances. In high school, only my mom would so up. My dad would make fun of me for acting but my mom was more supportive. She understood how happy it made me.  

To be continued…



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