The second blog entry to Bla Bla Land. Please read the previous one to keep up!

For me, high school was whatever compared to middle school. I was not part of a lot of clubs and didn’t attend any events unless they had to do with theater. I was smart but I definitely didn’t challenge myself. College was on my mind but I never thought too much about it. I knew my family wouldn’t want me to move out because it wasn’t part of our customs, so my options were pretty clear. It was community college, UCLA, CSUN, or Cal Lutheran. I didn’t think I could get into UCLA, so I didn’t even apply. I was accepted to CSUN and Cal Lutheran though. I chose CSUN.

I didn’t have many close friends. My best friends from middle school all found new friends or went to other schools. Some of the group tried to stick together but slowly everyone drifted. I didn’t really know where I belonged or who to hang out with. I didn’t really click with anyone anymore. I had friends just not close friends. I went through a phase of hanging out with other middle eastern students, which brought me closer to my culture.

I was lonely. My siblings were all in college and working. No one was home anymore except my mom and me. I was not used to it and it was a difficult transition for me. I ended up making a best friend though, her name was Neda. She was a year younger than me. We met in P.E. class and she was Persian. I think my mom saw how lonely I was because she allowed Neda and me to hang out during the summer. She let us go to the movies and have lunch together. One of our first hang out was walking to the park by my house together. I enjoyed my time with Neda. We became very close and I thought because we were from similar cultures that it would be easier for us to have a friendship. I say this because as I grew up, I realized how different I was from my peers. Mostly, because the demographics in my school were mostly Hispanic. Neda and I started hanging out every Friday night together and most weekends. I don’t even know what I did when she wasn’t there. I can’t remember. I didn’t have the most exciting school life but it was getting slightly better at home with her company. I continued to spend time with my cousins on the weekends too.

At school, the most exciting and exhilarating moments were in the theater. As a freshman, I was a part of PVA9, which was the freshmen drama class. It was a good experience and I really learned some valuable information. For sophomore year, I was disappointed that I wasn’t accepted into Play Production, which was advanced acting. Instead, I was put into Broadway Braves, intermediate-acting. At the time, this was embarrassing and disappointing. No one wanted to be a part of Broadway Braves and I wanted to drop out. I stayed on because I really wanted to be a part of Play Production the following year. It actually wasn’t that bad. It was a fun group of peers and the teacher was passionate. I tried out for play production for jr year and I got in.

The tool room

I am trying to put the words together for play production. I would say the best word to describe play production was passion. Since I was a jr, I was around some very cool seniors. It was amazing to just learn from them and just watch their talent. The play production classroom was in the J building. The room was notoriously called J107 amongst the theater folks. When you walked into the room, it was painted all black with posters of plays and movies all over the walls including the ceiling. There was a giant mirror on one side of the wall to help with rehearsals. There was also a small stage and a couch. The rest of the room had chairs but no desks. It was an artist’s room. I had class in that room before but it was different. I wasn’t a freshman anymore and I was in advance acting now!

The room made me feel inspired. My teacher was Ms.Swan or Swanny as some of us called her. She was incredible. She said so much by not saying anything. The room had a back door that led to a hallway that led to the dressing rooms and the main stage which has a sea of curtains. The dressing room would lead to the dance rehearsal room and so on. It was huge and it truly had this ambitious presence.

To be continued…



P.S. Ramadan Mubarak this coming Friday.

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