Good Evening,

It is the last week of Ramadan, which will be followed by the Muslim holiday, Eid. Three days of family, friends, and food. Although it is hard observing all three days of the holiday in the United States, there is still so much joy and love. I usually spend the morning of Eid at home with my immediate family. I don’t have many Muslim friends and I am not very close to my extended family but that’s okay. I enjoy just observing the holiday in my own way.

This month of Ramadan started out rough. My days were long and exhausting. I didn’t feel a spiritual connection to God either. Still, I kept at it in hopes that it would become easier spiritually and mentally.

It did become easier and I am not sure when the turning point was but I felt peace in my heart. I knew I wasn’t perfect but I knew I was doing the best I can. I felt my spiritual connection. One of the many purposes of Ramadan is to spiritually cleanse your soul and come back to the roots of our very existence. It can be overwhelming but as I have mentioned before, humans are always in search of a purpose. It is natural for humans to seek and find joy in a purpose. Why were we built this way? What is our ultimate purpose?

I am tired but I am grateful.

So very grateful.

Thank you for being here. Please catch up with Bla Bla Land series if you haven’t already! Thank you!



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