DTASC Shakespeare Festival: Julius Ceaser

The spring semester was an emotional roller coaster. For my culminating projects, I was a part of the set design for the Spring Musical, The Music Man. I was working on DTASC Shakespeare Festival, Julius Caesar, and the senior talent show. To my surprise, Laramie Projects chose my DTASC to fly out to Sacramento to perform for some government people, so I had to practice for that too.

One of my tasks for the Musical was to collect ads for the playbill in order to raise funds for the musical. It was my last add collection ever and honestly I hated doing it. I remember my first ad collection was my best and most memorable one. I was a Jr and I was paired up with some seniors from play production to sell ads in Sherman Oaks. I was the only Jr in the group and I was so scared. I was intimated by these talented seniors. I thought to myself how could I be in a car driving with these kids. My parents would be livid but I didn’t care. It felt good just to be around these people. I can’t remember if we actually sold an ad but I am sure we did. I do remember having dinner at this little Thai restaurant called Anajak Thai Food. I ordered a steak salad and it was delicious. I don’t even remember the conversation we had but I had such a good time just being amongst these cool kids. I loved that restaurant and I’ve only been there one other time since then.

The senior talent show was a mess. We were performing a dance and I had two left feet. I bailed. I didn’t like what we were doing and it was poorly planned out by one of my classmates. We were doing her coming out party dance for the talent show and I wasn’t for it. It was fun watching the show though.

I couldn’t believe that Laramie Projects was chosen to go to Sacramento. Immediately, I thought no way is my parents going to allow me to do this. Ms. Swan reassured me that she would talk to my parents if she had to. It was a one-day trip. To my surprise, my parents said yes. I woke up at 4am and we picked up some of my classmates. We met up at the fly away I’m Van Nuys. We took the bus to LAX. I sat next to Ms. Swan and we spoke talked about our families the entire way. She was wonderful. I was nervous because this was my first plane ride ever. I saw it next to my best friend, Aaron. He kept me calm and we talked the entire way there. It was a short ride. We got there pretty quickly. We practiced the scene and performed. We got a tour of some very important government buildings and looked around some shops. I have no idea what we ate. Apparently, I shoplifted a mood ring which I don’t even remember doing but it was written in my yearbook by Aaron. This was such a special memory and I am glad I got to go.


Things were getting heavy. We had our theater award night coming up. It was a special night of celebration for the seniors in the theater. We all wore our fanciest clothes. My mom, sister, and two cousins attended. The seniors were officially a part of the Thespian society after an inauguration. We were awarded trophies for our wins and certificates for our achievements.

Award ceremony

I had an acceptance speech and I just remember being super emotional. It really started to feel like the end. I started to feel this gloom in my stomach. What was I going to do without theater? What would be my escape? Graduation was around the corner and I had my last audition for the senior speech and I got it. I got up and spoke in front of hundreds of classmates and families. I balled my eyes out. I hugged as many classmates as I could possibly hug. The stage was my home and these teenagers had become my family. After my speech, I walked down to a bunch of hugs and tears. I went home feeling a ball of emotions. I just kept crying and I have a video of it but I am too embarrassed to post it. It became real that this chapter was ending.


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