Last day of my 20s

June 4th. 2022 was the last night of my 20s. It didn’t hit me until my best friend sent me a video from my 27th birthday. I couldn’t believe that three years has already passed by. Life is such a beautiful yet frightening experience. It goes by so fast. It started hitting me that my 20s were about to be over. I stood in the dealer’s hall at Monsterpalooza in a trance. What was I feeling? I felt scared yet it was simply bitter-sweet. I was scared that everything just goes too fast and I don’t have enough time to enjoy it. I felt bittersweet because my 20s were precious and life-changing but now it’s over. It’s okay that it’s over. I don’t have any regrets that I can think of. I am happy with where I am at and grateful that God gave me thirty years so far. In some ways, twenties are so incredibly challenging because you really have to figure out who you are and where you want to go in life. Teenage years are more carefree but twenties were intense. I am happy with who I am now.

Two burgers for my last day of 20s

My feet were achy yet I decided to pave the town of Pasadena for my final night. My best friend wanted to do something memorable but we couldn’t think of anything. So we ate burgers. Actually I ate two and I have no idea how I did that. I ate a chickens sandwich and a cheese burger. We walked around. We found a quiet spot up some staircases and we listened to some live music. We walked again looking for tea and somi somi ice cream. Instead, we came across this lounge by the train station. We have been to Pasadena so many times yet we have never seen this area before. It was something out of the blue or maybe God sent us there.

Drinking black tea with honey and lemon at a lounge

We went inside the lounge and had our black and peppermint tea with lemon and honey. I never have lemon or honey in my tea but tonight I wanted to have it. It was delicious. The lounge was dimly lit and it was quiet. It has these high chairs with wood floors and walls. To the left was a park and to right we could see the train station. My best friend thought it was weird that we happen to come across this train station as I leave my 20s and head to my 30s. The next journey of my life. I agreed. It was weird and it made me feel strange and eerie. After about 40min, the silence was broken by crowds. We walked across the walkway which was on the train tracks …even more weird. We headed to the car and we went all the way to the top floor of the parking lot. Parking lots were our old rendezvous spot. We looked out to the city. We were winded from the flight of stairs. I yelled out. My 20s are over. 30s here I come. We walked back to the fourth floor of the parking lot and got into the car. Both of us exhausted from a long day of work and fun.

The random train tracks we stumbled upon

The line to leave the lot was long. There was this long line of cars trying to get out. My best friend went to look at what the hold up was while I waited. I ended up turning off the car because the line wasn’t moving at all. Some minutes later, my best friend was back in the car and said that it’s just a long line but we just need to turn the corner and we will be close to the exit. Thirty minutes later, the line moved so I turned the key to turn on my car and the care doesn’t turn on. Uh oh. I panicked for a second. I got out of the car and got my jumper cables out. I asked the car behind me if they could please jump my car. The nice older man said yes. He jumped the car and it turned on. I signed with relief. Thank You God. The line started moving and we got out of the structure. Then there was a line to the freeway. There were all of these set backs and waits. I was glad to be home finally. Such strange occurrences. Actually my patience has been tested each time I try to do something for my birthday.

The view of the live music. Looks like a different city.



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