It’s my body. My right. No one else should have a say for what I want to do. They take this freedom away. Then they will start taking everything else away like my rights to practice my religion, my education rights and so on. Responsibility should be taught but my rights should be mine. They won’t do anything about gun violence but they will do something about abortion. If God is going to be upset with me for giving up my child then that’s my problem and no one else’s. We are a country of many different cultures and religions. It is not just one way here and it is not for these old white conservatives to make those choices for me, a Muslim American women. I have my own values, morals and rights that I was raised by. I am not Christian, Catholic, Jewish or any other religion out dare. I am a proud fucking Muslim. They should learn to respect others beliefs. That’s the number one rule in Islam. I’m angry. There is a separation in the United States of church and state for these reasons because person values get mixed in. In a perfect world, everyone would be following the rules but we’re not perfect and we’re not meant to be. Shit happens. Instead of worrying about my reproduction choices, why don’t you worry about the poor, the drug addict and alcoholics, the violence and hate that is out there? Women should be held responsible if they get pregnant ? Why not hold the man that penetrate her? Why didn’t he use protection? Why isn’t he on birth control? Why isn’t he showing up for the child? Why isn’t he being held accountable for being a dead beat? It’s funny. Muslims have a bad rep of being cruel to women and not giving women rights. I have more rights as a Muslim women then many non Muslims. As a Muslim women, I have a right to an abortion. I am sick of hearing oh we have nothing against people like you but you have to follow our way. Fuck you. What’s next ? My religion has to go? My education? My right for equal pay in the work force? My right to have freedom of speech? What’s next ? My right to own a home?

Hypocrites. Your so worried about abortion? Why don’t you follow ever damn religious doctrine that is assigned to you? All I see is hypocrites. Your telling someone else how to live their lives while you pick and choose what you want to abide by.

I’m the one that has to deal with monthly period. I have to deal with my constant mood swings because of my period along with my aches and pains. Yet, I am not allowed to choose if I want to terminate my pregnancy because people from different religions than mine think it’s unethical.

I know the media is being flooded with long ass messages about this whole situation. Friday is not usually a posting day for me. I am just so angry that I just needed to let it out. My mom and I were discussing this matter. She was equally as angry. She said she wishes she could talk to congress if she could. She told me don’t let it bother you because you can’t change anything. I looked at her and I said no mom. Silence is not the answer but she’s right. No one cares what I have to say. I can’t do anything but now more than ever, I am so fucking proud that I am a Muslim women and I have my God given rights.

We’re not free until we’re all free. It’s that’s fucking simple.

No cheers today,


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