The fan is blowing cold air onto my feet. I prefer the fan over the AC. I lay in bed as the dark night resides around me. My curtains are drawn up to let the night’s cool air into my room. There is a brick wall to the left of my room. It is visible from my large windows. Every night I watch different critters pass through. A raccoon family, a possum family, and my own cats walking by. Sometimes I call out my cats’ names and they pause frantically and look around. It always makes me laugh. They know my room is right by the wall because when they want to come inside or if they want food they stand underneath the window in the middle of the night and cry. I get up to open the door and my sister yells “shut your damn cat up, I have work in the morning.” I have to defend my cats often because they can be loud. Tonight, it’s quiet and peaceful. My mind is quiet and I am so thankful for that. I love these cool Summer nights. They are such a metaphor for life. During the day, the heat tires us out but if we are patient enough, we will be gifted with cool nights. I am enjoying these simpler days. Summer school is half-day and my class is pretty decent. Their not perfect but they are better than the kindergarten class I had. I get a couple hours off before I go serve at the restaurant. I rest or hit the gym before work and then after work I try to go again. I am so grateful for the slow down. Sometimes slowing down can be hard for me because my mind starts to panic. I start to think about my failures and I guess it’s hard for me to relax. I’ve also been watching some movies. I was super disappointed with the Elvis movie.

I want a new book to read. Send suggestions. I want something that will inspire me.

So much gratitude tonight. Thank you, God, for good health mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



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