Our first week was hectic and long. There was a lot of waiting around and just figuring out how the Summer would be played out. The first week of any new adventure is challenging.

As I mentioned in previous chapters, my dad showed me how to get to school by taking Sepulveda Blvd since I was incredibly nervous and bad at driving on the freeway. I took the beautiful road of Sepulveda Blvd to Santa Monica. Traffic was typical L.A. traffic.

During that first week of school, Karla and I left school and headed home. I have no idea how this happened but I missed my turn on Sepulveda and I didn’t realize it for a while. It got dark fast and I pulled over on a random street. My old phone had the worst GPS and I never used it. It never worked. I looked at Karla and I said I don’t know how to get home. I was too scared to call my family because they would panic. I wanted to figure it out on my own but I was scared. Karla said she could call her boyfriend or her dad. She tried to do that while I tried my best to get my GPS to work on my phone. I think I had the sidekick back then. I didn’t want it to take me onto the freeway which made me even more nervous. I had to put avoid highways.

Somehow, the GPS started to work. Thank God. I was so off track. We finally got to Sepulveda and slowly made our way back to the valley.

I am so glad Karla was with me because I was scared out of my mind.



I figured it out som

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