Why is everyone making a big deal about Kate Bush’s Running up the Hill? Did it just resonate with everyone when Max was running for her life as the song blasted as her physical form floats up into the sky?

The scene was powerful along with the song.

At the same time, I think there is more to it than the scene. It’s the song itself. How could there not be more to it? The song was released in August 1985 and it reached number one about thirty-six years later?

I think the song is relatable. There has been so much pain in the last couple of years for all of us. I mean how many times have we all tried to bargain with God? As children, it was for simple things but as we grew up the bargains because more and more painful. Some of us gave up on God. Why should we keep believing when God doesn’t hear us? Understanding God is so hard when we are going up and trying to understand ourselves and the world. I hope everyone finds their path back to their faith because it is such a beautiful thing.

For me, it was a connection to what Max from Stranger Things was dealing with. She had lost her brother and the song went with her feelings. She wanted to bargain with God to switch places with him. It reminded me of my own brother passing away and how many times I looked up to the sky asking God for help. This feeling of helplessness yet still trying to convince God to somehow save the situation. Not only did I think of my brother but I thought about all the moments that I look up at the sky asking God for help or guidance. Trying to make a deal with God hits home for me and there is this pain that really surfaces when I first heard this song. I think her voice really carried a powerful emotion.

I really wanted to make my own music video for this song but I felt silly lol.

What do you think?



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