Have you ever felt like you couldn’t accomplish your task because you were not aesthetically pleased with your surroundings?

This trait of mine haunts me. If I a not in the right aesthetic surroundings then it can be a challenge to do certain things.

I like to write with a dim light on at night and if I am lucky, a nice cup of coffee or tea. I have tried to write during my breaks or down time during the day but I struggle. I push myself but I feel like the quality of my work is not the best.

I have the same feelings when I paint or sew.

The best way I can describe it is when you tell a scary story. When the lights are dimmed and it’s quiet, that’s the best time to tell the scary story. You can tell the story in a loud and bright room but it hits the audience differently in the right environment.

I annoy myself because I don’t always have the right space to be creative and then I just won’t do it. I don’t feel inspired in my environment and it just never happens. I tell myself though that I need to push myself and most of the time I do.

It’s the same when I work out. I don’t enjoy working out at home instead I love working out in the yoga room at the gym. It is just so much more relaxing.

I am really tired right now. It was such a long day. I have been trying to consistently go to the gym and eat healthy but it can be a lot. Trying to figure out what works for my body has always been challenging but my time at the gym has been incredible. I have started running and strength training. Now I just need to get my meals to work better for me. It can be really hard. Tonight, my body feels tired. My brain is tired and I think my soul is a bit fatigued too. I don’t feel like writing or doing anything creative. I feel burnt out tonight. It was a rough day at the restaurant. Tomorrow will be better.

The moon looks absolutely beautiful.

How do you push yourself? How do you motivate yourself? How do you stay disciplined? Tips would be appreciated.

Thank you, God.



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