My entire body aches. It’s like my bones are aching. I lay here feeling hot at one point and then cold. I was hungry so I had a bagel but it felt like my throat was closing up. It sucks to be sick. Is it covid? I am not sure yet. I am pretty sure its covid.

It sucks being sick and all I keep thinking about is bull shit stuff.

I have brain fog and I can’t think of what I wanted to write today.

I will say that I had this thought this week.

Everyone is always praising me for being a teacher. “Oh you are shaping the future of America” and “OMG you have such an important job.” There are so many comments like that. So why is it that teachers are not respected? Yes, we should get pain more. Our job matters but if it matters so much why don’t we have the respect that we deserve?

Anyways, this was a thought in my head.



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