You look so tired?

Has anyone said that to you?

I literally get that all the time.

Sometimes I generally am tired and say yeah I am tired.

I work multiple jobs so yeah I am usually tired.

Somedays I am not tired at all.

Still, I get asked. Are you tired?

I finally responded by saying “No, I am not tired. I actually feel good.” I told another person who said I look tired “that it’s just my face, I just have a tired face.” They said nothing and changed the subject. Really? Change subject? Actually one of the people that I said this to just looked at me. It was complete silence and then he look at his plate and started eating.

I’m sorry. Did I offend you is what I wanted to say?

I am a thirty year old women. I have bags under my eyes because I have always had them. Yeah, I am aging but all of us age! You know what the difference is between me and one of the women who always tells me I look tired like every single day? She puts a pound of make up on her face and guess what, I use NO make up at all. I don’t even put tinted chapstick anymore because they all melt in the car because of the heat. I just look the way I do and I guess I always look tired.

Are these signs that I should be investing in make up? Should I finally learn to put on make up? I mean all I really know is how to put mascara, eye liner and lip balm. I never got into make up because it felt inauthentic.

I grew up with a mother that never put on make up. The most my mother would do is put on some afghani eye liner and red lip stick. That’s it. I have always loved that about my mom. She has always been a natural beauty.

I will say that I received a compliment last week. A customer said “please don’t take this the wrong way but you are refreshing. You are beautiful and it is nice that you don’t have fake eye lashes or a face full of make up.” Wow. I thanked her. After folks constantly telling me I looked tired, it was nice to hear something pleasant. She was wonderful.

Let me tell you something. God made me. God designed my looks and I love how I look. I lover my beautiful untamable brown hair and my brown eyes with my natural lashes. I have beautiful simple lips and naturally rosy cheeks. I have had three lines on my forehead since forever ago. Even though, some say I peeked early in life in terms of my beauty, I am still beautiful. Yes, I have gained weight but fuck, I am still pretty. So pretty baby. Lets be real. Were all going to get old. I am doing my best to age gracefully. So yes. My face looks exhausted and no, I wont put on a face full of make up to make society feel better about my looks.

Cheers to looking tired all the time apparently,


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