I don’t love the way I look but I thought I’d take a photo at work for memories. Here is Frshta the charming tired server.

I was closing server tonight at the restaurant. I am usually first off but my coworker wasn’t feeling good. It isn’t that much of a difference between being first off or closing. It is about a thirty-minute to an hour difference but when you have been working all day, it makes a difference. I was not looking forward to the closing shift. My little nap between jobs just made me more tired and I started getting a migraine mid-shift. The heat was not helping. The ac was on but it was still hot. 

It wasn’t a super busy night but I had tables that kept me busy. I had a party of six who had me running back and forth. They were three elderly couples who wanted three checks and called themselves the sexy six. They were nice though. Everyone was pretty decent today but I also felt like I was doing a good job. My attitude makes such a difference. I was connecting more with the guest tonight. One of the tables I had tonight, an elderly couple, called me charming. I was touched. I have never been called charming. Of course, I told all my coworkers and they teased me about it. The sexy six said my parents are blessed to have me. 🥰. I tried my best to give good service even though I was exhausted. My hands have been so sore from serving, boxing, holding my phone, and from using the computer at work all day. One of the cooks had this giant cut on his head from the hood of his car hitting his head and he hasn’t been to the doctor. We tried the new cheesecake and it wasn’t as good as the previous one. At the end of my shift, I walked out to my car and the sky looked beautiful. The moon was out and clouds were passing through. I took a moment to stop and thank God for this beautiful image in front of me. I am so lucky to be able to witness it. Subhanallah (God is Perfect).



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