The Toy Store shoot

It was shoot day! I was nervous. Working with actors can be challenging. I wanted to be a director but I was scared when the time finally came. It can be hard to find your voice in a crowd. I was lucky. I had a group of supportive folks trying to support me.

One of the most hectic scenes was the twenty-second intro to the short. I had a bunch of kids with their parents playing around the store and then leaving. It was challenging managing so many people. I couldn’t believe that such a short scene took so much work. This was the theme of all my scenes. I didn’t realize how long setting up a shot takes. Horror movies are all about lighting! I definitely learned how hard lighting can be for a horror movie.

Some highlights of the shoot were my sister getting kicked out because she was distracting the crew. My crew was so exhausted because we were shooting late into the night that they fell asleep in different parts of the store. I think that night we wrapped at 2:00am and our call time was 6am. I felt so bad for exhausting everyone but they showed up and I was crowned as one of the hardest shoots of our team. I couldn’t believe how much work a 3-minute shoot took.

Coworkers helping with the prop

My mentor, Jeffrey Berman, gave us some notes. He said to keep rolling sometimes that’s when you get the best shots.

We had to figure out what was scarier stuffed dogs or dolls. Jeffrey was trying to convince me that dogs were scarier because he thought dolls were cliche. It might be cliche but whatever dolls are creepy!

My parents didn’t want me out so late so they had my brother there. He brought a friend to keep him company.

At the end of the shoot, we had to clean up the entire store, which was a mission since we messed up so much.

But, man, I filmed a short horror film that I wrote and directed at a toy store. How awesome.



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