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It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means, another Wednesday blog. I really love to write and I love to write about things that mean something to me. I have made a new friend. Her name is Cazandra. She is also a substitute teacher and we’ve known each other for about a year. We’re not that close but we chat it up once in a while. She loves to talk about things that matter in terms of reaching full physical, mental and spiritual health.

This week we spoke about the concept of rituals. I mentioned to her a couple of weeks ago that I have been wanting to shed some tears but it’s been so hard. I know you must be wondering why would anybody just want to cry. I needed to cry though. I was feeling so many emotions yet I was numb at the same time. Eventually, I cried for like three days on and off. Once the tears flowed everything made me cry and I thanked God for those feelings. Writing last week’s Bla Bla Land blog really did the trick.

So Cazandra mentioned that she listened to a podcast on rituals. Not like satanic rituals. It was the concept of doing a ritual in order to release something. My therapist has told me loads of times to write down my emotions. It could be a letter or anything I want really. He tells me to put it in an envelope and seal it or to burn it or bury it. This entire “ritual” helps release emotions. I have typed many letters which my therapist is always against. He prefers I write it out. I have never actually burned or sealed one of my letters. It does help to let out my emotions through a letter. Something only for my eyes. Cazandra and I chatted about this for a while but she also mentioned how disconnected we have become in every aspect of our lives. She’s right. I told her how I see it in my own life. I work and work and then I work some more. It is a never-ending cycle. I work because I want to do better yet when will it stop? I want my spirit and my soul to feel good. I want my mind to feel good. I want my body to feel good. It is such a challenge juggling all of these different types of health but I want to achieve it. I have been on the Whole 30 for 16 days now. So that means I can only have protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and certain oils. It has been a challenge but I needed to get some control of my body. I was tired of the scale going on and it feels so good to take care of me. It feels good to know what goes into my body. It feels good to look good.

I want to work on my creativity which will benefit my spirit, my soul, and my mind. I need a game plan. Cazandra mentioned how maybe once a month I should have a crying ritual to help let out my emotions. It would help me release some bottled-up feelings. This led me to think about my passions. I need a ritual for things I love. Just the way every Monday is Bla Bla Land blog and Wednesday is just a blog. I need a ritual to start writing my novel. I need a ritual to start creating again. I have been thinking about things I want to film. I am thinking about vlogging for the blog which was an idea in the past but what would I say? My videos can be long and boring. I rather write. There must be something that I can do since God is igniting this fire inside of me.

I want to write scripts and novels, and I want to direct. I want to create magic. I have been watching videos of filmmakers in order to feel inspired. Spielberg said he always created things he cared about. That sits well with me. I want to create projects that move and inspire people. I want to read excerpts of my novel to a crowd and of course, the lights need to be dimmed. I want folks to feel my words. That’s the legacy I want to leave behind.

So, Frshta, I challenge you to create the ritual for your passions.

Readers, give me some tips?

P.S. God, thank you for another day to follow my dreams.

Cheers to a windy Wednesday,


One photo at a time ..

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