Happy Thanksgiving Week

Today I am writing with a heavy heart. The news about the white ranger aka Tommy aka Jason David Frank passing has made me so incredibly emotional. I grew up with four older brothers and a ton of boy cousins. We would watch Power Rangers all the time. I remember that Tommy was everyone’s favorite. I was never a super huge Power Ranger fan as an adult but I always cherish the memories I had as a child playing Power Rangers with my siblings and watching the show. Recently, I was working at the Power Morphicon Convention in Pasadena, California. There were a lot of Power Rangers at the convention, signing autographs, and taking photos with guests. One of the main attractions at the convention was Jason. I remember his line being so long that when the Convention closed at 7 o’clock there were still people waiting for him. He stayed another 2 1/2 hours to sign every person that was waiting in line. I remember thinking what a cool guy.

Jason committed suicide and it’s already been some days since he passed. I keep thinking about those people that stood in line and waited for him, I keep thinking about what he meant to them. How many fathers brought their kids to meet their idol and how their idol was going to be their kids’ idol. Like I said, I’m not a huge ranger fan but I can’t help but feel so much right now.

I keep thinking about my own family. I keep thinking about how none of us get along and there’s always an argument. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there’s going to be a turkey in a room full of people who don’t get along. Everything they’re upset about is so stupid and makes no sense. we are so lucky to have each other. Why can’t they see that and why can’t we get along. It sucks that something bad has to happen in order for people to appreciate what they have. We already lost one of our brothers and he broke all of us into tiny little pieces, so why haven’t we learned from this mistake? Why aren’t we doing better for each other? And why aren’t we loving each other the way that we are meant to love each other?

On another note, I read a quote that said 90% of writing is procrastination. That was powerful. It is true. My biggest issue is procrastination. How do I focus and get it done? Any suggestions? I need inspiration and motivation. Also, I need to do my research. Everyone says some prayers for me to get it going!

What am I thankful for this year?

This year I have so much to be thankful for. I thank God for life. For all the good and the bad. I thank God for the struggles that have made me an emphatic and humble young women. I thank God for my ambition and for my dreams. I thank God for God. I thank God for being with me and helping me guide myself through life. All praise to God. I thank God for every person that reads my blog. My heart and my soul light up. I thank God for all those that love and care for me. I thank God for all the people who believe in me. I thank God for the opportunities that came through and those that didn’t. I thank God for my bed, for hot water to shower in, for healthy food, for being able to move my body, and for my mind even though it can be tough.

Thank you everyone. Thank you.



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