Violent Night directed by Tommy Wirkola stars David Harbour. David Harbour is one of those actors I love to support. I don’t know him personally, but I have watched his interviews, and he seems like a good person. I like to support good people always. Sometimes I don’t think my support means anything, and it might not honestly, but it is more for me than them. I feel good supporting good folks.

So, now onto the movie. The film opens up with Saint Nick aka Santa Claus at a bar throwing back some drinks before his big night out delivering Christmas gifts. Santa contemplates about the ungrateful children out there and considers quitting his job. He mumbles that this might be the last year he delivers gifts. Santa takes the stairs up to the roof and hops onto his sleigh. Has the reindeer fly off, Santa jolts his head to the side of the sleigh and vomits all over the bartender, watching him in astonishment. This sets up the humor for this film right from the get-go. This Santa is a bit washed up than other Santas we have seen.

A family with tons of money and many emotional issues is introduced. Everyone in the family is obnoxious and unlikable. I will keep the child out of this, but the adult characters were selfish. The families end up being held hostage as a team of thieves raid the mansion, looking for a vault with millions of dollars. The thieves kill all of the staff, including security. It was a blood bath. Santa happens to be drinking some booze and taking a snooze in this mansion when the robbery occurs. His reindeer fly off after hearing gunshots leaving Santa abandoned at this house.

Apparently, Santa was a warrior before he was Santa, so he taps into that mindset in order to save the day. At the same time, he starts getting his Christmas spirit back because of how much the little girl believes in him. There are some comedic fights against Santa. I won’t spoil the rest of the movie, but I hope this synopsis helped.

How many tomatoes would I THROW at this film out of five?

I would THROW a solid four tomatoes at this film. Let me reiterate; I will be THROWING these at the movie!

I loved Santa, but everyone else was no fun to watch. I didn’t fall in love with any of the other characters. They had rich people problems that I didn’t care for. That could be the point of their characters. I say go watch it if you want some laughs.

Tomatoes Cheers,


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