So, here I was, in contact with someone that could possibly help me get into a company that I desperately thought was supposed to be my path. I had doubt about it. I was supposed to be at Blumhouse. I mean, why else would some random person, who I have never met before, overhear my random conversation and then offer to connect me to someone at Blumhouse. I kept thinking this was destiny, and I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So, I kept emailing Olivia until she suggested something to help me get in. She said if I go back to school, then I can intern for Blumhouse. She suggested a school that offers credit for internships. I didn’t even think about it twice. I had just graduated, and I had to go back already. Oh well. It was a foot in the door. I was in. I registered for the class and paid the fee, which wasn’t too bad. I decided to intern twice a week. It wasn’t a paid internship, but I didn’t care. So, I worked five days at the toy store as a store manager and two days interning at Blumhouse.

My time started at 9am at Blumhouse, located in Echo Park. On the first day, I left at 7:30am. I couldn’t sleep the night before because of all the excitement. I was going to intern at Blumhouse Productions! OMG!

I had never driven to Echo park during peak traffic hours, although I left an hour and a half early. I was 15 minutes late. I was disappointed in myself and super nervous. I was sweating from being so anxious, making me more nervous. What if I smelled? How could I screw on the first day? The office manager, Alexz, was okay with it. She sat me down in the kitchen area with the rest of the interns who had started a couple weeks. Alexz explained that the kitchen was fully stocked with food, and we could help ourselves to anything. My responsibilities were to complete script coverage and help out if the kitchen needs restock or any maintenance. She sent me the link to the excel sheet with all the scripts or books. I was to read them and then write coverage on them. I had never written coverage before. I assumed it was a summary of the story. Also, I was told I could sit on the roof where there was a cute little patio for fresh air.

Great, I thought. Let’s get some coverage done. I introduced myself to my fellow intern mates. There was Logan, Minerva, Skylar, Jake, Morgan, Alexandra, and probably more. They were kind and went to notable schools like USC film school, the University of Texas, Chapman University, New York Film Academy, and Ithaca College. I didn’t feel intimidated by them. Instead, I just wanted to be as good as them. I wanted all of us to be successful, but I couldn’t help feeling insecure and like I didn’t belong. None of the interns made me feel this way. I made myself feel this way.

I finally made it to Blumhouse Productions after months of persistence and feeling I belonged there. I made it.

Want to guess what happened next?



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