My very first blog post. I never thought I would create a blog and I feel like the first post should be my life story but I am not ready to share that yet. The reason I created a blog is because at times I feel like I have so much to say and I have no one to say it too. Or, if I do have someone to say it to, it doesn’t come out right. My words come out jumbled and maybe I just sound like an “angry woman” or worse an “emotional woman.” I have a hard time expressing my feelings to others because I have a hard time trusting people with my life as well. I am hoping this blog fills that need to tell my story, to express my thoughts. Writing a journal never worked for me because I always wanted someone to read it, so maybe this will help. Having strangers read my work. LOL. Welcome to my blog

#179 being a girl The Frshta Show

Here is the audio version of blog #179 being a girl.
  1. #179 being a girl
  2. #178 Disappointment
  3. #177 Rushed
  4. #176 Spring
  5. #175 rugrats

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