I have always had a weird history with friendships since I could remember.

In Elementary school, a lot of my friends ditched me because of the 9/11 attacks. I remember one friend told me she didn’t want to talk to me because her parents told her not to talk to Afghani people. We were in the 4th grade, I don’t even think she knew what that meant.

My classmates all spoke Spanish except for me and with my weird name…it didn’t help the situation.

My favorite animal was chickens.

In the 2nd grade, I was obsessed with scary stuff. I told all my classmates that I had an encounter with Bloody Mary who resides in the girls bathroom. Also, that a witch lived in the back of the school where we had a small pond with frogs. LOL

I was crossed eyed up until the 3rd grade and kids would make fun of me all the time. I wore an eye patch because the eye doctor said it might help, but it didn’t. I had huge Harry Potter glasses that would magnify one of my eyes.

Also, I cut my own bangs and it did not look very good.

All the girls would wear cute outfits but I dressed like a tomboy because I was a tomboy. I grew up with boys.

My best friend Evelyn left to another school in the third grade and it broke my heart.

In the 5th grade, my two best friends stopped being my friend and cut me out of the picture with the three of us together. They said I was weird, I laughed to much and I had bad breath. LOL. I remember we would sit and eat lunch together at “our” table and I laughed so hard once that milk came out of my nose. I remember my two best friends and a bunch of other girls from my class told me not to hang out with them during lunch anymore and I said okay. I went to the bathroom and I cried. We were in the fifth grade. I made friends with another outcast but they told that outcast to not be friends with me too and guess what? She listened.

Most of the kids in 5th grade were starting to date each other and I didn’t want to. We were just kids. What did we know about dating? Of course when I expressed my views, I was told that I was weird and that I have no experience. -_-

My brothers felt so bad for me that they came to my elementary school and brought me a bunch of snacks. They spent the entire lunch period with me so that I wasn’t alone. They even brought me Hot Cheetos and sour worms.

I stole a sticker in the 1st grade and my teacher caught me. The whole class found out and she said she is going to talk to my dad after school, who had to be at work right after he picked us up. So we would always rush out after school but that day the teacher waited with me and would not let me leave. She waited until my father came down from the car trying to figure out where I was. My brother, who was in the same school but in a higher grade, let him know that my teacher needed to speak with him. My father who has NEVER laid a hand on me expect for two times in my entire life. This was one of those two times, he slapped me in front of the entire school. I cried hysterically. My father loved me a lot and I have no idea what had gotten into him. Maybe it was the stress of being late to work and having your daughter steal 99 cent stickers? LOL. Or, maybe because if he was late, he could be fired and how was he going to take care of his six kids and his wife?

The other time my dad had laid a hand on me was when he kicked me once but it was done lightly. Other than that he has literally, never hit me. Both of those times, it was not like he beat me either.

Still, the teacher reported it to child services and they showed up in the evening. They had me undress and they checked my body for bruises and talked to all my siblings. My dad and I had already made up that afternoon and we apologized to each other. I will never forget that day.

It was really embarrassing to go back to school but I learned my lesson that’s for sure.

My time in elementary school was not the best and when middle school came I tried to be different. I wanted a fresh start. I went to a middle school that most of the kids from elementary school didn’t go to. So no one knew me. It was some of the best years of my childhood.


My beautiful white chicken. His leg was tied up because I didn’t want him to run for the picture. He was let go right after. FREE CHICKENS!

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