Monday nights at my serving job can be fairly dull but this Monday was not one of those days.

We have a new manager. Recently, he was promoted from server to manager. Mind you, he was not the best server especially his customer service. I would love to say that he earned the promotion because he was a hard worker but I can’t. His uncle is the district manager. There were two servers trying to get promoted. One a female and the other a male, whose uncle is the DSM. The male was promoted into a manager while the female was promoted into a shift supervisor. Mind you, she was a shift lead before a shift supervisor. The male had no experience at all. Oh, and the male is a white man.

Sexism? Privilege?

The female was always put down even though her work ethic was amazing. It is sad. I told her many times she should look for other positions but she didn’t.

The new male manager is not horrible but he tends to micromanage. I have been able to just mind my own business and keep out of any type of line of fire.

But, tonight, it was different.

Last Friday, one of our regulars forgot to pay for their dinner. They have been eating at this restaurant for at least twenty years and they come by at least once a week. They are rich and old. Nice people and occasionally, they argue because they have too much to drink. Regardless, they are kind and loyal to this restaurant.

Unfortunately, they forgot to pay on Friday night. They left me a tip but no money to cover the bill.

I tried finding them in the parking lot but they had already left. I told my GENERAL manager and he said it was just a mistake. He said they probably just had too much to drink and walked out by accident and I agreed. I told the GM to just ask the customer next time, but he didn’t want too. They have been so loyal that he didn’t want to embarrass them like that.

So I said okay.

On Monday, the couple came by again for dinner. The new manager told me to let the customers know that they didn’t pay last time and I said refused. I was simply not comfortable. I didn’t think it was my place or my job to let this couple know they didn’t pay. It is the managers’ job. Mind you this is in the middle of our dinner rush. The manager starts to argue you with me. He said it is your responsibility to collect payment and are you going to tell me you are not comfortable with that either? Then he said your lucky the GM is nice and didn’t write you up. Then he said I don’t understand how you are not comfortable. It is your responsibility and you need to tell them.

I walked away and was quite flustered but I had a job to do. I had people waiting for their orders.

After the rush, he approached me and brought up the topic. I told him that I did not appreciate how he reacted and that if I am not comfortable with something then he should back me up. He should not force me to do something that I don’t feel comfortable doing. Maybe it is comfortable for you but it is not comfortable for me and to please respect that. Also, I argued that the other managers would agree with me but then he started lashing out on their manager style.

He still did not get it completely, but he, later on, approached me and said he understands that each person handles the situation differently and that he has my back.

Honestly, he needed those moments where I stepped back to go help a customer to calm himself down. The fact that he just kept going on and on about how I am wrong really peeved me.

He expected me to just go along with everything he wanted and not have a voice.

This is a huge problem with people in authority, they think people under them are like their personal robots and we don’t have a say in anything or an opinion.

I just have so many thoughts on this situation and there was just so much wrong with it. The entire situation was just wrong.

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