I have known Aaron since we were fourteen years old. Honestly, I can’t remember how we met exactly or what my opinion was of him. 9th grade is a bit of a blur. But, I remember when we became good friends, it was in the 12th grade.

You know the long-standing debate about how guys and girls can’t be best friends, well, that is not true.

I can honestly say, that Aaron and I have never had romantic intentions and the thought of that just grosses the both of us out. Literally, he is my brother. I love him like a brother and I have his back because he is my family.

We have moments where we both clash because we are a lot like.

My first ever plane ride was with Aaron. We went to Sacramento, which was sponsored by our high school since we placed during a theater competition.

Yup. We were huge theater nerds.

We over think things like our lives depended on it.

We are very emotionally tuned to others. Like we both have this thing, a sense that has been gifted to us. We feel. We feel too much. We feel everything. We are effect by the energy around us and we fucking feel it. We don’t necessarily have to know the person.

Aaron is private. So I can’t say too much and he will probably get mad about this post. But, I just wanted to highlight Aaron because this week is his birthday.

Aaron, my dear friend, you probably have no idea this is up, but happy birthday my brother.

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