I am always talking about my brother that passed away but never about the ones that are living. So here I ago.

It was my second oldest brother’s birthday this week. He was work on April 2nd. I have no idea how old he is but I know he is almost forty. For some reason, I lose track of all my siblings’ age after thirty.

My brother, Omar, calls me bear. He always sends me text messages saying “bear to bear.”

My brother, Omar and I, have always had a close bond.

My two oldest brothers have always treated me like an angel. If I cried, they found a way to make better. If I am hungry, they make sure to go out and buy me food. When Omar buys himself deluxe chili cheese fries on his way home from work, he brings me one too.

When I was younger, I hated going to our family friends house. It was so boring and there was nothing to do. All my other siblings that were under the age of eighteen had to go but my brother, Omar, offered to watch me. I was engulfed with happiness. We stayed home and hung out with our homing pigeons. He let me fly the birds and feed them. Then we went to some type of store and had fast food. I can’t remember the store but I think it was Radio Shack. I spilled coke in the car and he didn’t yell at me. Even though I was scared that he was going to yell at me.

We drove down to Chino Hills to the animal swap meet they had. We drove in his old ass car that felt like a complete piece of metal. There was no love just cold metal, but I loved it. He bought me chicks.

He took me to Ted’s house, who sold animals like pigeons on the side. He took me every time he went.

On Sundays, he would take the entire family hiking in far places, which caused me to get car sick but then he would buy me Jamba Juice. He loves the beach and he loves nature in general.

My brother, Omar, loves scary movies and he watches at least one scary movie a day. He is obsessed. He loves tomatoes and eggs. He has a new hobby, gardening and has a green thumb.

My brother, Omar, has a huge heart. He is so good that sometimes it brings the worst out of him.

Omar is my big brother and I love him dearly. I am one lucky gal.

Happy birthday to you.

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