I want to bring up a sensitive topic. I want to say before hand that I mean no offense to anyone and this is my personal opinion so please don’t attack me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and shouldn’t be attacked for it.

I am not going to lie but I am scared to bring this topic to my blog because there has always been controversy about it. But, it is my blog and it is something I want to talk about in a respectful manner of course.

The topic is…DRUM ROLL. please.

Or…if Thumper the bunny was around…he could say “my name is thumper and I like to thump…ddrrrrrrrr” LOL I know RANDOM thought.

Okay, so today at my serving job, I waited on a party of five including a baby, who sat in the high chair. I don’t have kids so I can’t name exactly what stage of life this baby was at but he definitely wasn’t a toddler. He was way younger. He was probably like one years old or something. I must sound very dumb but I am just uneducated because I am the youngest of six. I have never been around babies. As a substitute teacher, the youngest possible child is three.

Anyways, I took a drink order and when I came back to drop off the drinks…my eye stopped at the mother of this child. The child was sitting on her lap and her breast was completely out. The child was swinging her breast as he sucked on it. He wasn’t like a baby…he was old enough for a high chair. She was just talking as the child played and ate with her bare breast.

A mother breast feeding her child is beautiful. It is such a blessing from God that women are able to provide this for their child. The whole process of creating another human being is completely amazing and the perfection and detail leaves me speechless. Honestly, science can’t be that perfect but God can be.

I take after my mother. We have this bad habit of staring at people and we look like were judging the shit out of them but trust me WE AREN’T…usually. Sometimes we just zone out and we don’t realize what were staring at. Sometimes we just find the person interesting but we don’t mean anything by it. Promise. I usually catch my mom doing it and I stop her because she looks like a creep. Sometimes I even tell her if your going to stare…at least smile.

SIDE STORY: My best friend, Aaron, invited me to his parents twenty fifth wedding anniversary. Aaron is Hispanic and the wedding was very interesting in a good way. I had never heard that type of music or witnessed so many different dance moves. It was a new experience for me. The day after the wedding, Aaron said, “everyone at your table said you kept staring at them dance.” LOL I guess I looked mad. I was so embarrassed.It was not my intention to look like a creep. I was just genuinely taking it all in. I felt really bad.

Back to the MAIN STORY: So I was trying really hard not to stare at this women and her baby. But, I had never really seen anything like this so up close and personal. I wanted to ask questions…like what does that feel like? Does it hurt?

But, to be honest, I was uncomfortable. At the table, there was her husband and another couple and her breast was just out. No shawl or anything to cover up. I was trying so hard not to look at her because I didn’t want it to get awkward. The restaurant was pretty full. We have two male managers and a male busser on the floor as well. I am not saying that these people are going to say something or whatever but how did she feel comfortable? I wanted to ask all these questions! I could never do that. I would feel so paranoid..like everyone is staring at me. I wanted to stare because it was interesting. I know I could ask my mother about breast feeding but she isn’t one for details.

In all honestly, I know women feel empowered from breast feeding and we should feel powerful. But, whats wrong with decency? What’s wrong with just putting a shall over you breast? But, I get it…she didn’t care if others are comfortable. She can feed her baby whenever.

I guess I had a bunch of questions after this experience. I wanted to know her mind set because I was curious.


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