I was driving north bound on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. There is a part on the freeway that goes downwards. It’s like when you go up hill then you reach the top and then you go down hill. Whenever I drive down that part of the freeway, I think of a time when I didn’t drive on the freeway.

I was nineteen years old. I was accepted to Inner City Filmmakers with a twenty thousand dollar scholarship…that is how much the school cost. LOL I was hesitant but excited. It was film school. I had a friend name Ani, who had attended the previous year and she loved the program. She stated that it was a vigorous two month program that will teach me everything about film.

Honestly, it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was fun and education. Also, the first Summer that I had any type of freedom. I was at this school ALL DAY. In two months, we learned every aspect of film-making and we shot our own short films. Mines was about a haunted toy store. My friend Karla and I carpooled and we would listen to music while we sat in traffic for two hours on Sepulvada BLVD. The school was in Santa Monica.

On one of the film shoots, I had my brother come with me because it was going to run super late and my parents required a chaperone. LOL

I took the streets all the way to the set which was somewhere past Venice. I can’t even remember anymore.

The place was spooky but alive. It was a cafe but their was a band playing. It was really urban looking. It had a high ceiling and wooden floors. It was pretty. We could not shoot until the restaurant closed, which was around midnight. We started filming and it ended around 2pm.

The place had a wooden stair case that led up to the second floor. Customers were not allowed in this area, so the cast and crew chilled up there until it was time.

When the place emptied out, everyone went downstairs. There was about fifteen of us when suddenly, we heard foot steps up the stairs. It was loud foot steps. We froze. Our heads turned to the staircase but no one was their. It left all of us feeling spooked. I had goosebumps and the energy was so strong that everyone felt it.

We wrapped our 2ishm. My brother told me to follow him. We were in separate cars. I let him know that I don’t drive on the freeway and he let me know that tonight will be the night.

He argued that if I took the streets it would take me two hours. Also, he mentioned that the freeway will be empty at this time.

So I sucked it. My eyes were heavy. I was tired and yearned for my bed. I followed him onto the free way ramp and then sped up once I got into the freeway. Traffic was light but their were a lot of trucks. I was so scared that I was shaking. I even turned the music off so I can focus on the road without any distractions. At one point the freeway split. I couldn’t see my brother because of a truck that was blocking my view. By the time, I had the chance to look, I noticed my brother going towards the right side which led to a different freeway. I was on the left side, which continued on. I panicked but tried to wrap my head around what I was doing.

I knew the way home and waited till my exit came. Finally, when I exited…I could breath. again.

I was fine.



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