Where do I go? I want to know. Ohh..Where do you go?

Remember that song? It has been stuck in my head. Its currently playing in the background as I write.

I miss writing. I miss being creative. I miss feeling excited about my accomplishments.

Lost in my thoughts is a constant battle for me. Stay present. Stay Positive. That is what I keep telling myself.

I have my moments. Spiritual highs and spiritual lows. Bare with me.

The itch for creativeness is a real thing.

Where do I go next?

Why does everyone else have it figured out?

Why can’t I find my path?

I don’t want to go back to subbing.

I want to have dreams again but I want to actually reach them this time.

I am a failure to myself.


But, where do I go now?

Why isn’t God showing me the path?

Please Allah, guide me. Open a door. Show me the way.

I miss Library of Horrors. I miss horror.

I don’t miss the drama.

I miss movies.

I miss film sets.



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