Our story is not one of a kind but it is at the same time.

Star crossed toy store lovers

Fate upon us.

Come to me on your dark days

Dear Gizmo

Your Gizmo voice use to make me laugh so hard.

Dear Kenshin

your clueless. It’s annoying

Parking lots

Misunderstandings about our hands

I was suppose to help you with math but I’m worse in math than you

Frank and Son’s

Swan Lake

Seagulls coming after my french fries

Taco Bell

Movie Pass obsession

Thanksgiving turkeys

Pumpkin Carving

Loosing my Michael Myer films but blaming me

The biggest investigation of my life was finding out you moved to another state

Cutting your hair because my mom knows how to cut hair

Italian restaurants


mario and lugio look for princess peach

white socked kittys

toothless dogs

pizza hut

the card store in pasadena that you found years later on the worst day possible

La La Land

Halloween Town in Burbank

Fosters Drive Thru


Anime Expo

The subway station

Little Tokyo

Horror Conventions

Library of Horrors

The doll house you found at a garage sale that you had me wrap

your ugly ass glasses

This is just the fast version

action figures

no one will understand

…but us

what would life be without you

Necrocomicans I know I spelled that wrong

You have taken me on so many adventures

when you play netflix at your house and I play netlfix at my place and we watch the same film and then text about the parts we like or don’t like

Cheers to God for blessing me you as my best friend.

For the longest time…oooooo


If I wrote a book about our memories…no one would read it and that’s fine…as long as you read it so you know how our memories are seen through my lense

I love you.

Thanks for all you do lameass.

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