Why are we obsessed with alternative realms of living ?

I don’t think that question really is what I am trying to say.

Let me explain.

This weekend there were some major events going on.

First, it was Midsummer Scream in Long Beach. This is a horror convention.

Second, it was Evo, which is a huge gaming competition in Las Vegas.

Now these are huge events out here.

And oh yeah it was a huge release of Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

I’ve noticed that all of these forms of entertainment represent an alternative reality. It’s like people watch films to experience a different life. Like an alternative reality.

I started feeling this way when I thought about how great it would be to not be me for a day. Like I want to put a wig on and dress in a completely different way than I usually do and be someone else with a different name. Because sometimes it’s exhausting being me. So exhausting.

Then I thought about the ending of Tarantino’s new film. SPOILER. It’s an alternative ending to one of the most horrific Hollywood murders.

If you notice with the Marvel films there is a lot of alternative universes as well. As humans we are obsessed with other worlds , with other realities.

Is it because our lives are difficult ? Because sometimes it feels good to shut off our minds and play a video game and immerse ourselves in the narrative. Or to escape watching a tv show or a movie.

Have you ever binge watched a tv show and when it’s over …you don’t know what to do ? You feel sad that it’s over. You feel so attached to these characters and you don’t want to stop watching them. Their narrative is so interesting. Way more interesting then real life. It’s an escape.

Sometimes the escape is needed just to feel something thrilling. Horror films are one of the most highest grossing film genres. People like to feel the adrenaline. They like to feel scared but safe.

A lot of folks are arguing that Tarantino’s newest film is pointless and plotless. But, was it boring because it was like our real lives ? A lot of dry moments. A lot of conversations. A lot of sadness and self talk. A lot of hope that eventually dies. Was this real life ? Tarantino’s films in general can be slow but they have a lot of character built up. You become attached to the character. It’s not Aristotle’s version of a narrative because why should we listen to some old white dude from a different era. Why can’t we appreciate someone creating their own version of their narrative ?

Personally, I am not a die hard Tarantino fan but I appreciate what he brings to the table. I appreciate his uniqueness and his edge. Honestly, I saw Pulp Fiction just a couple of months ago and it was decent. Again I appreciate his style, character build up and overall passion. His films are a nice escape.

And maybe, Tarantino really wanted a different ending to Sharon Tate’s life and he created in his film. Maybe it’s his therapy.


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