7 is my lucky number and on your birthday it happens to be post #77

I hate corny stuff because it’s not original. Sometimes it’s cute but sometimes it’s like come on.

I’m about to be very corny.

I met you when I was eighteen years old. I admired your dark burgundy hair that was apparently debonned in the Philippines and I still don’t know what that means. Lolol But, you had a kind smile and an infectious personality.

I truly believe that you and I are faith. God wanted us to be best friends. Think about it …if I didn’t walk into Sierra center to get food …and then go to the second floor to go eat then I wouldn’t have seen you. Mind you I would never go to the second floor! I complained about math and you offered to tutor me. And you actually did it. So many people say they will help but most don’t but you did. And for that I will be forever grateful. Sometimes we would just sit in the library and talk for hours. That was so long ago and I can’t believe how far we have come. We need to go back one day for the Caesar salad and the cheese pizza at the Arbor grill.

I love our bond with How I Met Your Mother and how for so long we would quote the show in a room and only you and I understood lol

Those memories are so precious.

I have such a hard time trusting people because people hurt other people. But, you are the exception. You make me feel safe and loved. You make me feel worthy of you and your time. There have been so many people that have come into my life and each one has served their purpose and have taught me something. A lot of them have made me feel like I’m not enough. But , man … Maera, you give so much love that you fill so many holes that other have left.

Your my best friend. Your my family. Your so much fun to be around and it’s so easy to be around you. It’s effortless. We could laugh for hour or gossip. We can have deep conversations or just do nothing. You are such a blessing to my life and you have been there through it all.

Your so incredibly special. I don’t think there is anyone like you. Your so beautiful on the outside and the inside.

You have taught me to be kind no matter how different others are. You have taught me to be understanding and that everyone’s feelings are valid. You accepted my feelings even if you don’t always agree. You taught me how to find my size in jeans ….by measuring my neck LOL.

I know that life has been getting more complicated and busy. And I know you always say it’s part of growing up. But, I don’t want to have a life without you in it. You need to be in it as long as you want to be there. I want us to be close forever. So I hope you feel the same way. I want to be the person you call when you get good news or bad news. I want to be there when you have your babies even.

I love you so much. I hope you know that I will always be here and protect you. Your my ride or die best friend. I hope no one casts an evil on us.

It is a privilege to be your best friend. I am so incredibly lucky and grateful that you accept me and chose me as your best friend.

Happy 27th birthday. I am so proud of you! I love you old lady. Enjoy yourself and I hope God blesses you with so many more wonderful years full of blessings and love.


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